The Impact Created By Social Media

Riyush Motwani
Jun 24, 2019   •  31 views

Every subject in this world, be it something related to technology, spirituality, well-being, health, etc has a direct or indirect influence on the life of a human. Social Media, being one of the very subjects, has its own powerful impact on the same.

Social Media impact or influence, apart from being a subject to be written an article about, is a defined term which implies the change it causes in the mindset of people connected to it.

The way people think, the way they react and the way they conduct depends on what kind of impact the social media is creating on them, which gets me to the point where I talk about the plethora of the benefits and negatives of Social Media.

The Advantages:

  • The Exposure — Social Media is like a doorway to the world. The imeasurable exposure that one gets from Social Media is something not many technologies can offer.

  • The Awareness — Any person belonging to any age group, occupation, place can benefit from the awareness that is created by Social Media. The awareness aspect of social media is greatly used by a businessperson to create awareness about their products.

  • The Connectivity — A person situated on one end of the world can connect to the other on the other end any time. That's the power Social Media has!

  • The Education — Social Media has a spectrum of people ranging from professionals and experts to beginners and learners. One can get countless amount of education from Social Media, if used in a right way.

  • The Communities that are built — When like minded people come together to exchange their ideas, knowledge, facts and beliefs; it becomes a community. The communities of people thus formed and the help that the people get from these because of Social Media is a simple advantage, but quite powerful.

The Disadvantages:

  • The Addiction — Social Media is not just about good things, it's also about the ruinous effects that it causes. Addiction being on the top of those effects. People get adicted to social media and the 'digital world' that comes with it so much that they forget to live their own real life

  • The Crime and Cyberbullying — When a person is subjected to any form of harrasment that can involve threats and inappropriate messages online, it's called as cuberbullying which is more dangerous than real-life bullying because there are chances that the bully is hiding his identity by using a fake account.

  • The Hacking — A person may reveal their private information on the Internet through Social Media and no matter how secure the transferring medium may sound, it will always be under the radar of hackers if it operates on Internet.

  • The Health Issues — Health issues arise when a person starts getting addicted to and spend time on Social Media more than they should. Apart from the physical damage it causes to our body (eyes,posture, back,etc); it also damages our thoughts and emotions if we enter the wrong side of this technology.

  • The Neglection — The people addicted to Social Media tend to neglect their family and spend a lot of time online in 'digital world' with 'digital strangers'. People tend to have less social gatherings in real life than digitally, through group chats, exchanging messages instead of having face-to-face talks.

Every technology is fruitful and futile in its own rights. Social Media is no different. But the real impact depends on how you choose to use it!