What According To You Are Personal Boundaries All About?

Personal boundaries are actually the limits and end points you yourself set up expecting others to behave according to them. To set personal boundaries means to preserve yourself-respect, take responsibility for who you are, and to take wholecontrol of your life.

People who prioritize self-worth and self -respect tend to have natural boundaries depicted by their aura.

They are the physical, social, intellectual and mental limits we make to protect ourselves from being manipulated and used by the mean people. They allow us to separate us from others and build who we are and what we think. Their presence helps us express ourselves as the distinctiveindividuals we are.

Therefore learning to set healthy personal boundaries is necessary for maintaining a positive life containing self-concept and self-image.

Intellectual boundaries

Intellectual worth and boundariesactually mean that you should entitle your own thoughts and opinions and never get them jeopardized for the sake of anyone else.

They are voilated when someone dismisses another person's thoughts or ideas, where comes the need of intellectual boundaries where you have to set a limit for yourself and for the others as these intellectual ideas makes you who you are!

Emotional Boundaries

Emotional worth and boundaries are one of the most important boundaries you should have for self-development. As these boundaries are set up by you for you yourself to make you realize that 'YOU' is what that should matter. These boundaries are for your mental well- being which is the most necessary. These boundaries relate to having emotions to be controlled to a certain extent, especially in a professional world.

Physical Boundaries

Usually, people relate physical boundaries to sexual and intimate boundaries though they are the most important part of it, though physical boundaries is about many more other things too. They ensure you are entitled to your own space, however wide it may be, as are others.

Also, You have the right to say 'NO' whenever you feel so be it with your intimate partner or your friend or a colleague. Never indulge in any physical activity just for the sake of pleasing your friend, colleague or a partner.

Never do it for the guilt that may overpower you if you say a 'No'.
Set these boundaries according to your comfort as your well-being is what that matters the most.

Social Boundaries

Social worth ensures that you are entitled to your own friends and to pursuing your own social activities, as are others. These are the boundaries that need to be set on your social circle containing strangers, work colleagues, friends, family and intimate partners.

Social boundariesare establishedsocialrules that are considered typical because most people in society agree that they are reasonable ways to live.