Friendship Over Social Media

Ritu Das
May 27, 2019   •  11 views

As we are living in a society where each and every one of them is crazy about using social media, we too know about this very well. But the trend of making friends over social media is sometimes become dangerous and specially the teens nowadays are more likely to have more followers and friends over such social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, tinder and many more. Rather spending time on such social media friends they should spend some time on the internet for learning or to increase their knowledge, but sadly the fashion of making friends over social medias have destroyed the habit of learning something new over internet. Mostly the teens feel better connected to friends via social media. Sometimes by creating new friends over social media some they destroy their carrier and specially they even get themselves into the wrong direction , as when we don't have the knowledge about the person with whom we are talking with can even harm us but teens don't understand that and face the problems. This kind of trend which is prevailing in the society should be studied and proper counselling should be done in each school to avoid such problems.

Doing friendship and making friends are good but it's not good to make friends over social medias because we don't know about the intensions of the person with whom we are talking. For avoiding of the usage of the social medias one can do the following things:-

  1. One should be more focused in learning something new rather than chatting over Facebook, Instagram, tender etc.

  2. Spreading awareness among your friends or relatives who are in the age of teenager about pros and cons of using social media.

  3. Try to connect with the people whom we know.

  4. Parents should teach their child about the good and the bad intensions of the people

  5. Keep your friendship circle good and make friends with whom you learn and build yourself.

All this above mentioned factors should be taken into consideration for keeping onself away from strangers in the social medias.



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