If somebody asks you a question 'Who are you?' What will be your reply? In most probabilities, your answer is your name. But in actual, does this name belong to you? This name is not yours because you came into this world without any name. Your name is not your property, you just get it when you came into this world. Apparently, you use some combination of alphabets to create an identity for yourself. The reality is very much parallel and different.

Your name creates no difference as it is just a label which denotes you. So what actually define you, your profession? If you say you're a doctor or an engineer that means you're telling your way to your livelihood or how you're earning money and not who you are?

Life is so complicated. We spend our whole life in fulfilling our needs, finding what we want, hard work to find different ways to popular the label or our name and finding the answer of the question who we are? Your families don’t define you as you could as well born in another family also and it creates no difference. The only difference is that you simply get a tag of family in form of surnames or your name. But these certain things don't define you. All of them are part of our life and not our whole life. These are the different things person create to make a self identity for themselves.

Our actions and karmas are the things which define us. The decisions we take or the mistakes we commit conclude the kind of person we are. We should focus on doing good karmas by helping others, supporting others instead of spending our whole life creating a fame or a fake successful identity for ourselves which people know but they don't respect that.

No one can define themselves in actual. These are just some tricks which people use to satisfy them. This 'Who we are' is a mystery and puzzle which we have to solve on ourselves. If you want to know your real identity firstly don't judge others because when you don't know who you are, you don't have any right to judge others identity and secondly, you have to dig into yourself, you have to do a deep experiments over yourself as you are the only person who is willing to find yourself who you are!



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Thank you😊
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Great Article. Loved It.