Everyone experiences fear sometimes. Different people have different fear, some people have exam fear, some have communication fear, some fear of height, some fear from water, some have fear of facing failures, some have fear of facing people, some has fear of animals, and some have fear of trusting people and lot more. Fear is something which has positive effects on our life but only when we try to overcome it. If you run away from your fears, they will haunt and disturb you more with the passing time. Fear sometimes keeps you safe by alerting you to a potentially dangerous situation. But never let your fear overpower you.

To overcome your fears, you can do the following things to minimize its impact on you.

• Focus more when your fears overpower you

It’s normal to have fears. You may experience fear while walking for the first time, while a riding bicycle, or when you start a new job or do something for the first time out of your comfort zone. But if this fear hampers your functioning, they become a problem. If they are overpowering you and your confidence then you have to find some solution to deal with them. First, recognize your fears and see how they’re reflecting your life. Fear causes anxiety and makes you panic and when you ignore them, they interfere with your work and normal life.

• Overcome your trauma events

It happens so many times that in the past if you’d experienced any car accident, deriving a car may become fearful for you for the next time. You never try those things again in your life because you’ve got that fear that those things will hurt you that’s why you ignore those activities continuously. Fear is valid but you have to overcome them by trying those activities again with someone’s support. If a tragedy happens with us once that doesn’t mean we should stop doing those things. Life is all about second chance and you should not let your fear overpower your fun and experiences.

• It’s okay to have fears

Make yourself believe that it’s okay to have fears and you should not run away from them otherwise they will become more powerful and tough and if you never end them within the starting state, they will stay with you forever and hinder your achievements. Give a chance to yourself to overcome your fears and you’ll see the amount of happiness you’ll get after conquering them. Conquering your fears and getting a victory over them is the best feeling in this universe because that is something you’ve achieved and earned by putting your comfort zone behind.

• Stay positive about the situation

The most important thing you have to do is to think positive. Negativity makes us weak and fragile. If we think negatively about the situation, the fear within us will grow more day by day. We should also stop over thinking as that makes our fear worse than before because in overthinking, we imagine the most unrealistic and tampered situations which are next to impossible. So, to control your fears face them strongly, think positive and stay optimistic as much as you can.



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