We all are living in the shadow of artificial intelligence that we are forgetting about the realistic things around us. In today’s scenario we all are living a stressful, depressed and messed up life. Some are messed up because of love, some because of career, some because of families and responsibilities. Everyone wants to live a comfortable life without even risking their lives. Have you ever given a second thought about this thing that why we’re so messed up? What is the reason that we becoming the reason of our own destruction?

That’s all because nowadays people believe that money or wealth is more important to live a happy life.They believe in showing off a classy lifestyle instead of living a simple life. but the fact is running behind materialistic things will take you nowhere. We all are in the grip of technology and fake lifestyle. We are just not ready to accept the things the way they are and because of this we are forgetting the real us and the importance of people and things around us. In actual, have you ever noticed and felt the beautiful sound of chirping birds, the scenic beauty of setting sun, the sound of water, the smell of wet sand, the droplets of rain? Most of the time, we experience these things but don’t feel them. We never thing like why is everything around us is so beautiful and mesmerizing and the reason behind them that why they are like this?

We are making money but losing people”“

Everyone is very much self-involved and busy in building an empire and securing a life for themselves. They are spoiling their beautiful life by running behind amenities and materialistic things that they hardly even look out of their window to praise the beauty of their nature and surroundings. The result of all this is that they only spend their life instead of living it to the fullest.

We all are well aware of our messed-up life and whenever we start thinking of the possible reasons why we suddenly start blaming others for our condition? How is this even possible that the other person who is just a part of your life will become a reason of your destruction? They get the power to destroy us when we allow them to do so.

“We always chase those people who don’t care about our existence and ignore those who crave for our attention.”

People say things like love let us down but is it true? No, the truth is the thing which let you down is not the feeling of love, it’s just your attraction. Love is the feeling which directly connect us with the god. Its your problem that you don’t know the real meaning of love and loving people. No one can fake love or the feeling of love.

Work is also important but not more than your precious life and relationships. If you want to live your life, value and embrace people and relationships, stop running behind materialistic things, don’t fake yourself or your lifestyle, love the beauty of nature and enjoy thelife you’ve got and all this surely will turn your life into a different direction in which you will stay happy and satisfied.



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