Struggles Of An Outstation Student

Ritika Singh
Apr 16, 2019   •  36 views

"Hey, can you look through the diary and tell me when do we have a long holiday?", " I miss home", " Let's book tickets they are cheap". You can obviously relate to all of this if you're staying away from home. It's been 2 years since I've moved out and it feels like a never-ending process. Every day is difficult here when there is lots happening back at home.

For those who party their days away or are also emotionally strong it's fine but for people like us, it sometimes becomes difficult because sometimes you can't help but feel homesick all the time. Local Guardian's are like saviors. It's a weekend and you can run to them for all the homely feels in the world altogether.

The struggle for education and the struggle to stay away from home is real. There was an age where we all used to fantasize staying away from home on our norms but now when we are here having all the time in the world with no restrictions then all we want is to head back home in the arms of our parents! Hard right

I've so many friends who envy me because I can lead my life on my own norms and also get to hear things like " You can party as long as you want" but is partying the only reason that seems bright on the other side?

We have many other shortcomings on our way; Few of them are mentioned below

  • Food:

Food in hostels ranges from being soupy to burnt to what not. By the end of the month if we calculate 50% of our money is drained in eating good food every day. But after some days you'll actually get used to the food that they serve in the pg's and hostels but "Ghar ka khana" has a different fanbase. Also, swiggy and zomato to our rescue all day every day.

Major missing is when you have exams and you're up till 2 and you're hungry that's when you miss your mom the most because that's the time when you only have to survive on biscuits and snacks. College friends can sometimes be a blessing in disguise because they get you good food to eat every day!

  • Accommodation:

Staying with your parents for straight 18 years and coming to a hostel at first feels weird but you do enjoy your stay when you end up making amazing friends there. From packing your tiffins to washing your clothes and also making your own bed for sleep you do grow up every day.From big king size beds to mattresses or sometimes the smallest of beds life changes for all of us. Adjusting with people from all around the country with different cultures can be challenging for someone and the rent for the small rooms can choke your pockets as well as your hearts!

  • School/old friends:

You might not always end up with all your school friends in the same college because you'll end up choosing different streams for your undergraduate degree. college is usually welcoming to most of us. However, there are times you will miss your school friends. Living away from your town surely disconnects you a bit from your old mates. You will end up meeting them at most twice or thrice a year. But, then you have social media to make their importance felt.

  • Family:

Yes, outstation people befriend a lot of people but the huge circle is also because they have too much of their emotional space to fill and offer. Living away from family leaves a big void in you. You crave company and support. There is nobody to comfort you in anxiety and trouble. Even though your friends in hostel and college are having your back, the family will always be the first thing you miss when you are in a problem. Also missing on family functions, trips, and get-togethers for various reasons can be really heartbreaking.

Whatsapp video calls have always been for your rescue but being there would make a lot of difference.

  • Managing your expenses:

Managing money would always be the trickiest part because there's always something happening in and around the college. Maybe a food festival or a fest or an Ipl match. At first, you'll want to go everywhere even though it's expensive but gradually you have to understand the fact that it's your parent's hard earned money which has to be spent wisely. You may end up missing your favorite artists' concert sometimes because it's the end of the month and you're broke. You will have to plan and spend accordingly so that the budget that has been made by your parents for you does not get imbalanced and you also have some bucks left to drink your favorite oreo shake after college sometimes.

Yes if you can manage your monthly expenses by working part-time then that's the best part because that's when you'll understand the value of money.

There are many reasons that an outstation student should be proud of themselves because you're doing good and you'll be fine. You're doing everything on our own even though you've stayed in your cocoon for so long but you'll all be fine. All the glitters are not gold must say. It's difficult on the other side always. Meeting your boyfriends without curfews or partying and boozing because no one's around can be some merits but here's a lot more than just partying. It's a matter of staying strong when you don't get to see your loved ones for so long and the struggle is real friends!

Earlier we used to go to different places during vacations but now we go home during vacations. That's our vacay spot! Do you get the difference



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Hey! You wrote well. Check us!
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Since I joined the Delhi University after boards, I've been living in a pg and this article comes closest to what I've been going through You Expressed it beautifully, impressive !