Open Letter To My Roommate Whose Leaving

Ritika Singh
Apr 20, 2019   •  30 views

Hey Buddy,

First of all, I'll like you thank you for whatever you've done for me. Thanks for not killing me when I kept the cupboard open, threw your makeup on the bed after using or sometimes not even returning your clothes even after a month and secretly wishing to make it mine!

It was an amazing year with you and now when the time has come for us to part I cannot do anything about it. Yes, we can give you small gifts and make you cut cakes but I'm telling you this you've been stuck for life with me. I'm never ever letting you go. You're the part of my small family that I have outside. Endings can be Bittersweet.I mean yes you're going to a new college, new friends and new experiences but you dare not forget me. I'm excited that I'll be able to meet your new friends and get to know more people but the fact that there will be no one while economical eating, Or taking care of me when I'm drunk or even giving me the warmest of hugs when I needed them the most makes me sad.

To the early days of introduction until now we've lived it all together in the past 2 years. You guys have been my strength all these days and if there was someone who was ready to break my ex's face when others stepped back it was you, Yes you and I love you for that. There were days when we survived to eat the bad food in the hostel and on few days swiggy had our back. To the nights where we went wild after drinking and had one of the best time of our lives. To dancing the whole night and listening to emotional songs while planning to go for walks before sunrise, we've lived adventures together. thanks for keeping me from dropping out, and telling me that you would support me even if I did. I don't think I would have made it through this year without you. Thanks for letting me whine, complain, and call you names when I was mad. Thanks for always letting me rant about the news and other politics that I know you probably didn't really care about. You kept me sane, literally. Thanks for not killing me for leaving shoes everywhere, I know that took a lot.

Fighting for the lights while sleeping and ranting about the college, food and the boys that have we've come across in our lives we grew together. From planning sane trips to even more insane birthday parties, to ramp walks in the filthiest of clothes and fighting for the smallest of stuff's, the longest video calls when we were back home for vacations and coming back to discuss all that, that happened at home, I'm going to miss this all. For those nights when I slept with the lights on watching some boring series on Netflix you made the bed for me and made me sleep comfortably or not eating if I've had a fight with someone you were the one to get me food and sometimes also feed me. For all those honest opinions that You have regarding the dress that I wore or planned to purchase, or the boy I'm talking to or sometimes even the food that I've ordered you've been a great adviser. Sometimes they were not needed but Yaa I loved them anyways!

Now when the time has come for you to go I'm here recollecting all the memories that we've lived together. From day 1 until today you've been my support system here in Bangalore. If I say I'll miss you it's obviously going to be wrong because i think I'm going stay forever in your heart. Thank you for being the best that I could have asked for and for keeping me sane.

Enough of appreciation now and Remember one thing wherever you go and whatever you do you'll always have my back obviously not for the wrong things but for the right ones.

Lots of love,
Your irritating roommate



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