Love is not as complicated as we've made it be. In the 21st-century technology is making our life easier but is it Reckoning the idea of Old school love. The nature of love in the 21st century has beckoned us to a new cultural and social horizon from which we may be able to learn how to manage our conflicts between love and hate, between dominance and submission, between surrender and self-protection, without creating an enemy.

Talking about our past traditions of love where marriage was vowing to not stay apart until death has changed its norms in the recent past and people now prefer staying together as long as it meets their needs. This shift has made everyone a little nervous, and some people now feel almost obliged to break off a relationship if they no longer find their own image and values reflected in the other person in the way they expect: “How can I be with someone like this?”

But in today’s world, you most likely believe that you no longer want a hierarchy in your personal life. Instead, you want to be equal with your partner. You want to be respected, you want to be witnessed and held in mind, and you want to be found desirable and cared for. Either we grow and learn or our idea of a " Perfect partner" destroys us because we end up expecting more than what we actually get.

Love has got diferent realms today. You got to make everything public and everyone should know about what's happening in your life. Both of you'll should be a part of each other's instagram stories or snapchat stories or should keep texting all day long decribing in detail where you've been and what you have been doing . You're either too much into your partner or you're the one who keeps it lowkey. There's no in-between because our hearts have been broken several times and we are all testing different partners before settling with the one whom we've actually waited all our life. Relationships nowadays are purely based on attraction and they are so clean and crisp that for few people courtship has become a hobby. You see the X-factor is someone and fall in love as they say and once you lose interest you go on to say I fell out of love. How can someone fall out of love so early? How can you give up on someone who's so dear to you? Is life a game for you and falling in love is just a part of the game with partner's changing every now and then.

Crave for a partner just adds value to your living, someone who'll aid you for right things and stop you from doing wrong.And for people who love you they automatically make you happy just by being in your life. You don't need to put in the extra effort . If you're doing so, Do you even love him/her or just forcing a partnership ?