Growing Up With Strict Parents

Ritika Singh
Apr 11, 2019   •  29 views

There remain various teaching methods one can implement in the upbringing of their child.A friend of mine whose upbringing, up until the age of roughly thirteen, was characterized by rules, and lots of them. This is where parenting goes wrong because you get so involved in your child's life and tend to control each move that is taken by them. This is when you lose control over your child and start losing them in a way which cannot be explained.

Few points to relate if You've grown up with strict parents:

1. Good grades are expected, not rewarded :
Every parent expects their kids to get good grades to be it in school or college but nevertheless, good grades are rewarded. While some of your friends may receive money, presents, etc. under the condition that their report cards reflect A's and B's, you are given a pat on the back and told to keep up the good work. Next time let's try for a few B's as possible though, alright?

2. There must be adult supervision everywhere you go:
Hanging with a neighbor down the street? A parent better be there.1000 missed calls and calls to confirm even if they can hang out or no. Going to a friend's house for a sleepover? I'd like to speak to a parent first, please.

3. You just cannot hang up the call whatsoever the reason is:
You were getting your ear chewed off by either your mom or dad over the phone, so in a moment of senseless frustration, you hung up on them. You immediately regret that decision and even more so when they immediately call you back and you have to mentally prepare yourself for the storm that is headed your way.

4. Nothing was ever handed to you:
In need of some money? Cool, your parents have a car that could need some washing. If you want something, you're going to have to put in some effort to make that happen. You didn't think they were just going to hand over their hard earned money to you, did you? The most relatable exam can be to get 90% in your board exams and then ask for something!

5. . You understand communication without words:
Sometimes your mom or dad don't have to utter a single word to you in order for you to understand you have done something to upset them. All it takes is a simple glance or quick raise of the eyebrow and you straighten yourself up and stop doing whatever is it that upset them in the first place.

6. You always wait until a good time to ask them for a favor:
They don't break easily, so if you want something they normally would be opposed to, you have to wait to get them in a good move, then you make your move.

7. Your sibling is your best friend :
You two (or three, four, five, etc.) have a profound friendship because of the mutual understanding you share regarding the whole strict parent thingy.

8. .....And you guys are in this together:
It doesn't matter how upset your sibling(s) may make you at times, you NEVER rat them out. When my sister came home with a tattoo at fourteen and pissed me off on many occasions to the point that I wanted to tell on her, I couldn't bring myself to do it. You guys are in this together and must join forces if you wish to survive.

Despite everything, you are grateful for the values your mom and dad have instilled in you. But you see when you try to control sand in your palms by the force of your fist it slips off easily so you shouldn't try to control every aspect of their life.

Though we don't come across strict parents nowadays but few still exist. The best way to surpass all these problems is to share everything with them.A little bit of scolding, for the time being, is anyday better than a lifetime of taunts, mistrusts and rules to which you will have to abide by.