Peaceful Pilgrimage

Nepal is known for it's asthetic beauty but what stands out the most, is the vibrant culture and the spiritual aura that inhabits this place.Masters have meditated in the upper regions of this Holy Place which paves a path for many seekers to pay homage to this revered place and get a divine grace of the blessings.

While glimpsing wildlife, and nature's beauty and extolling yourself with the adventure persuits, it's now time to seek solace and peace in the kingdom of God.

Regarded as a soul cleansing destination for Hindus all over the world, I strongly believe that the soul is beyond any religion and Nepal welcomes every soul to attain the level of perfection!

History serves as a testimony to the fact that Nepal has been the place of meditation and penance of God and Sages since the Vedic Times.

King Janak( father of Sita) had ruled his Kingdom of Janakpur in Nepal.

In the inner sanctity of the mountains of Nepal, Gauri Shankar( Lord Shiva) had spent his days in a blissful meditation.

These mountains have a spiritual significance, which is reflected by the entrancing energy they exude. Nepal is a home to many pilgrimage sites which have a legend that enhances the diety glory.

Kathmandu Valley contains within itself the Pashupatinath Temple, the swayambhu stupa, and several other famous temples.

A number of pilgrimage sites are located nearby the Kathmandu Valley-( to name a few)

  • Bara Chetrah

  • Halesi Mahadev

  • Janakpur

  • Pathibara

  • Gorkha

  • Lumbini

  • muktinath

  • MT. Kailash

The most special part of Nepal thought it is the gateway to Kailash Mansarovar, which is the mystical Abode of Lord Shiva himself.

It's not just the mountain but a manifestation of the Supreme Lord.

This sacred pilgrimage journey is done by in numerous devotees from India.

  • Lumbini

This place has its Association with the birth of the Lord Buddha, who taught the entire humanity the eightfold Noble path in order to lead a harmonious life and achieve enlightenment.

The Gardens of Nepal's Lumbini witness the birth of this great world teacher or the" enlightened one".

The main shrine of Lumbini is the newly restored mayadevi Temple, the Ashokan pillar sakya pushkarni lake.

At a distance of 300 km south west of Kathmandu, bus and flights to Bhairava(22km from Lumbini) are available.

It is also believed that duringGuru Purnima or full moon, lord Buddha himself descends down to earth in the valleys of Nepal in order to pray for the ascension of the world into the higher dimensions!