The kingdom of Bikaner is a reflection of magnificence. With profound and prominent caravan routes, it attracted a lot of revenue and over the passage of time, the rulers of Bikaner were smart enough to befriend the Mughals and the British so they cleverly received titles and rich treasury which is a testimony to the region's prosperity!

The house of Jodhas had also held tremendous power and influence amongst the princely Rajput States back in those days.

The prestige was a direct result of leading the armies on the Deccan and the European front.
Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner is believed to be India's principal rulers and statesman.
Maharaja's skill had won him many accolades from the British( famous Shikha diplomacy health at the hunting lodge of Gajner) and even a chance to construct his own railway line and undertake the project of Ganga canal that transformed the area completely thereby making intentions clear of having a profound influence in Rajasthan's prosperity.

Junagarh Fort

The history of Rajasthan is predominantly occupied by forts that are spread over a vast and expansive area, and which speak highly of architectural excellence.

In the heart of the city, lies to Junagarh Fort around which the entire town is encircled.

Beautifully built, and well decorated, the painted Apartments of this palace of Anup Mahal ,Karan Mahal and Phool Mahal are spectacular wonders to gaze at!

The indeed reflect a Royal Heritage and remind us of the time when India was called the Golden Bird.

This took me back to the time where I could actually relish the immense wealth and value which India possessed before being drained out.

His Excellency, Maharaja Ganga Singh also constructed the Lalgarh which is built entirely of red sandstone and is considered to be rarest and the finest example of Rajput architecture.In today's time, the Lalgarh houses members of the royal family and its two Wings run as palace hotels.


In the Junagarh Fort itself, a museum has been it's established that contains various artifacts from the old pages of history and includes a World War 1 fighter aircraft( which was a terrific sight to behold).

The golden jubilee Museum, on the other hand, is another interesting place to be in getting all the collections under one roof.

From German artist Mueller's paintings to old coins, pottery, sculptures( from the Gupta and Kushan period) and some of the remains of the Harappan archaeological findings.

The Gesso work is a unique specialty of Bikaner which involves buffing of camel hides to the level of transparency turning it to hip flasks or photo frames and eventually painting it with gold.

These are very rare to find but if you find some genuine Gesso work, you are surely a very lucky person!



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