The word "tattoo" comes from the Polynesian word tatau. The traditional way of getting tattooed is the manual stick-and-poke method; though more painful than a machine, it is seen as the purest version of the art. It's an art that looks like delicate adornments engraved on our bodies.

Let's dig in the history

The origin of Tattoo in India can be traced back to the people of lower stratum or tribes, dwelling in the hinterlands of the country who used to tattooed their bodies to be safe from abduction by the rivals. Lately, tattoos among tribals reflect gender stereotypes wherein tiger was inked on the men's bodies and butterflies on women's. Tattooing(Pacha-kuthuradhu in Tamil) by the Korathi's, a South Indian tribe marked it as an occupation who used to ink their clients inexchange of rice, plantains, betel leaves and nuts, and sometimes cash too.

Reappearance in 21st century

Tattoo culture has travelled a long run and is now considered a high fashion statement. Inking the names of loved ones in order to commemorate their memory is quite a common idea for tattoo. But what is really getting trendy and experimental is wearing religious and spiritual ideas on sleeves. Bodily art can be a best way to express one's belief like the glorious winged sword and a cherubic angel inked on Kangana Ranaut's back to show the kind of poise and grace she carries with her. Today's youngsters are prefering the images of deities and verses from different holy books. Where some want "Shiv" who resembles masculinity, many asks for tattoos of yantras, mandalas and chakras, and the corresponding mantras for those designs. Indian millennials are thus taking this Westernized pop culture into a level where they're trying Eastern mystical traditions on their bodies. But the irony is that tattooing in West was once associated with criminality and only practised by the gang members.

Well everything has an evil side. So is tattooing! It might not always ensemble our outfits unless it is in some hidden spot on our body. And there's the risk of infection.But if we choosehigh profile tattoo parlours, it's gonna be okay. I myself wanted to get a tattoo but we all know the conservative parents (especially our moms) still seem to view tattoo as a taboo and if we dare to do so we'll be like anti-Sanskari. But I have made up my mind that whenever I'll be able to make informed decisions of my own, I will get a tattoo on my belly. So guys, no more longing for getting a tattoo because it's there in our ancestors' culture.