Friendship- Quite A Love Story

Rimi Dutta
Jul 14, 2019   •  16 views

Lets feel the friendship like a tree that is growable if taken care of. You need to feed it with emotion, love and support in times of heavy distress. If you give something to it, alike a tree, true friendship will shower you with lots and lots of fun and affection. Lets feel the friendship as it is a shared expedition easing our load of pain and suffering, doubling our joy.

So then does everyone we meet in our life becomes our friend? No. Do any of your Facebook friends know your weird habits? Do they know how much drunk you can get? No. There's a slight difference between your online friend lists and your real buddy. A true friend is someone on whose shoulder you can cry out your fear, your misery and they won't complain ever. The best friend is someone who diligently clicks the worst random pictures of yours and then blackmail you for no apparent reason.

Only our truest friends know us to the core, our biggest pet peeves, our weakness and even our crush's name. They are the first one we call when we’ve got an issue to work out or to celebrate a big victory or just to vent about how crappy our day was. I think all will agree with me that the most important job of a friend is to irritate us with every little thing till we get roast up and put our middle finger up just to acknowledge them. But whenever we are in trouble or some conflicts come up, they will reach out directly to us rather than gossiping and letting irritations grow.

Confidentiality is an underrated virtue; and so keeping a secret from our friends is a tough work to do. After all, what is fun is sharing with your friends some juicy secrets of others and gossip about it. Friends are, from every possible way, easy to go. We do not have to maintain the code of decency. Too much thank you and sorry are not required. There's no such texting etiquette with pals, we are allowed to go insane. Nevertheless, you can always find a "love guru" in a friend. Best adviser for approaching your bf/gf without any doubt.

There are many moments in our life that defines the bonding with our besties. Have you ever see something just so perfect that your immediate reaction is to turn around and laugh with your friend about it? I think we all did. Looking at each other and, without speaking a word, cracking up over the same joke — it’s a privilege that not many people have with each other. And that moment in the examination hall, when you're asking for an answer from your pal and it turns out that he/she is looking for the same. Haha!

I still remember the friendship bands we used to buy for our Bffs. When we were kids, those bands on our hands would declare our friendship to the world. Hanging out, going on trips now marks our bonding. There is nothing better than a bit of sun, sea, and sand withour friends. So, friendship is indeed quite a love story, not romantic but very much beyond happiness.



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