5 Annoyances We Face In Indian Roads

Rimi Dutta
Jun 30, 2019   •  14 views

Travelling on the Indian urbane roads is a hell lot of experience one might face. It can add flavour to our daily commute. With all the chaos, high traffic, sometimes it is annoying and frustrated. To elucidated, here are some true facts:

Every Pedestrians cross the road as if the road belong to their forefathers

We are always told to obey traffic rules like when it's red light you should stop and wait until the vehicles run. The situation is somewhat different when you're travelling on the busy Indian streets. Here people cross the roads as if they're Iron man, that they are powerful enough to crush a car just by showing " ✋🏾".

They believe that the roads belong to their great grandfathers and that's how they show their antics as per their whim. This mahapurush people think that they own the road and sprint in front of vehicles, putting lives at risk. No one is as busy as they're, so they'll make you pull the brake instanteously, stop you in the middle of the road, and wade off like the celebrities do!

Too much 'Fast and Furious'

A bus ride in India is as same as sitting in a roller coaster; only instead of twists and turns there are wide potholes and bumpers that can make one go crazy. They only accelerate their speed when they find a competitor behind them or esle they go Slow motion mein 🎙 . The common fight between the mundane office goers and the drivers to go fast is enough to give one a headache. The picture during the busy hours is quite annoying yet dangerous. There are passengers hanging off other passengers, who in turn hang off the railings and the overloaded bus leans defying the law of gravity.

But do you know the mini taxis, Autoricksaws run their own racing game and are known for speed breakers. These drivers come from nowhere in between the tiniest spaces, crossing even the narrow lanes with total swag. 🎶 Dhoom machale !!

The No-Reason Honkers

These are one of the most annoying people who like to horn every time-to express joy, resentment, frustration, romance and bare lust or just to mobilize a dozing cow in the middle of the bazaar. Be it a superbike rider or a car driver, they honk more than an ambulance needs to do. These senseless people keeps honking even when the traffic light is red and irritate us like hell. They believe that honking continuously will magically clear the traffic.

The not-so-soft speakers

These kind of people are the most well behaved and soft spoke individuals without their vehicles, but the moment they get on or inside their vehicles , they hurl out abuses that would annoy anyone. Red Light? M****C**D. Traffic Jam? B****C**D? Someone go ahead of them? C**T**A. They curse everyone on the road and are pure nightmare to others.

Noisy b****hes

There are the DJ wale babus who play loud music with all their windows rolled down. You can hear them 1km away, playing songs nauseously and see they're the one who adds fuel to the noise pollution. And how can we forget our bullet rajas ! They are fond of pressing the nitro boost whenever a hot chick is passing by. It's their style of giving signal to the girls they like. I'm sure most of the girls have gone through this. Sometimes they have a tendency to start a racing competition with anyone who pass by them for absolutely no reason.