Is it only me who feels mischievous when I have my entire place to myself? The moment I’m alone, I will be like “I’m boooooored.” And that is when I try to do something fun which I can’t do when everyone is at home. Being stranded at home doesn’t have to be boring all the time. I have fantastical fun when I’m alone at home. No disturbance, no interruption! It is a perfect time to catch up with myself. There’s nothing productive in what I do when I’m alone. LOL! It’s all about fun.

So here is what I do when I’m home alone.

1) Enjoy my own concert

I pretend as if I’m the best singer. Since no one enjoys my singing, I resort to become a bathroom singer. Now when no one is at home I’m free to sing my favorite playlist aloud. I run my own karaoke sessions and sing my heart out. Maybe these sessions bring out Beyonce in me. Who knows dude?

2) Binge watching movies and TV shows

Since there is no one to interrupt me, I run a marathon of my favorite TV shows. All I do is set up my laptop with a strong wifi connection and spend hours in front of Netflix. I watch all the movies that have been lying on my list unattended. Also, if I have a nonstop supply of popcorn then it adds to the glory. Not to forget, Netflix originals are the bomb!!!

3) Dance around like a crazy person

It is embarrassing to dance around like a crazy person when you have your family around. So I don’t leave this chance. I blast my favorite music on speakers and dance like the craziest person. I don’t stop even if I trip on any of the furniture and scream with pain.

4) Cook or order my favorite meal

Since I’m not a decent cook, I pamper myself by either cooking Maggi or pasta. At times, home alone makes me lazy. In that case, Swiggy comes to the rescue. I order food from my favorite food outlets which my mother wouldn’t have allowed ordering. Since I’m alone at home, the house runs according to my rules. So I eat the mouthwatering snacks while I watch my favorite movies.

5) Trying on the abandoned clothes in the closet

Now when I’m alone at home, I conduct myself a fashion show. I try on all the clothes which I haven’t worn for a long time and click some good pictures. I try to figure out what will go best with my skirts or tops. It’s pretty much fun when you give some time to your dressing sense.

6) Call my best friend

My mother taunts me whenever I’m on my phone. Internally, she probably wants to set my phone on fire. When I’m alone at home I call my best friend and catch up with everything going around. We spend hours talking unnecessarily which I am not able to do when my mom is there.

7) Scroll Social Media

Between all my activities, I scroll through all my social media apps WhatsApp, Instagram and snapchat. Yeah, I am active on only these. 30 minutes pass by and I realize I’m still chatting and scrolling Instagram feed and I should probably go back watching my TV shows.

Being home alone is probably the best time to pamper yourself and do everything your heart says without thinking twice. People might even walk naked all around their house or pee while the door is open. But it’s fun because you can’t do all of this when you have company at home.

I always want to sit, watch, take a snack and nap when I’m home alone. Basically, I want to be in kindergarten!!



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