Dear Indian Army,

As I sit tension free at my home sipping hot coffee with light music, I realize how fortunate I’m. I start thanking everyone around me for showering their blessings on me. I thank God for what I’m today and the countless wishes of mine he fulfilled. But I always forget to thank for the freedom I’m enjoying right now. No, not the freedom my parents give me, but the freedom I’m enjoying just because of you. You may not know me but I know you. You’re my superhero. Every other superhero fails in front of you. I can’t recall anyone who sacrificed his family and devoted all his life to serve the country.

You serve the country endlessly with honor against those who have no honor. Patriotism fills me with dignity as I realize that someone like me, not me, but someone braver than me has stepped forward to serve the nation and to protect the country without any hesitation. We are the children of the same nation but you took charge to do something to make us proud. You burnt the midnight oil so that we can sleep peacefully. You didn’t let storm, snow or scorching heat stop you from fulfilling your duty. You entered the ground of battle without giving second thoughts to the fact that you might not ever return to your family. Not even a single day must have passed when you didn’t miss your family. I salute your guts to live away from your family even at auspicious festivals. You sit by the tent, warming yourself against the bonfire and re-reading the letter your family sent you. I sit here safely at my place enjoying the delicious food as you scan the borders for terrorists and the threats approaching us. While I laugh and party with my loved ones, your family is craving a word from you. I can never understand how your family must be feeling. I don't dare to live with the dilemma of whether my loved one will ever come back to me.

Headlines on terrorists caught find a large column in the newspaper and as I lower down my eyes, the news of the life you sacrificed finds a smaller column there. I’m sorry that people don’t appreciate your efforts. I can’t realize your sacrifices as I haven’t ever stepped in your shoes. Now as I’m sitting at my home, I join my hands to pray for you and your family’s safety and happiness. I owe a debt of gratitude towards you. Thank you will not be enough to acknowledge your selfless acts.

Thank you for everything you’ve done. Jai Hind!

With a grateful heart,

A proud Indian citizen.