Can We Meet Again?

Do you ever wish that you had a second chance to meet someone again for the first time?

I do. And every one of you must feel the same. We come across such a point in our lives where we hope to meet a person again for the first time. We imagine meeting a person for the first time again and at a different time. What would it be like to receive each other freshly? How would it be like to let go of everything we have known about them to discover about it again newly? To be strangers again, just a face with a name and to know nothing about them and how things will turn between us in the future… not to know about their favorite book or song. We wish we could have another chance.

We always meet such a person in our life who actually means something to us. Not only romantically but in a friendly way too. We grow emotionally together, trust blindly, know about the joys and fears, learn about the deepest secret of each other, spend a lot of time together and become inseparable. But then a day comes when tiny resentments and trust issues creep upon us. The bonding between us takes a different route where we walk down a path but without each other. We face this invariable third party called time which ruins the connection. Sometimes it is about the circumstances, while other times it is about being there at the right time and in the right place…We all must have lost contact with our dear friends in school or our loved ones. Someone might have given up on us for the sake of new people in their lives. We are only left with the bitter and sweet memories. Deep down, we imagine what it would be like if things were the same just like before. We wish if we could turn back the time and sort out everything. Or we think if we could meet that person for the first time again.

I wish I could meet people again for the first time when all our wounds and scars are healed. I imagine meeting them in the most unexpected places and at least expected time. I think of standing in front of them and seeing them for the first time. They would look up to me as a complete stranger where we know no past or future but present. This time I would rather work harder on the bond than to lose them. I want to know what it would be like to meet the person again for the first time knowing in your heart that this time it won’t end up in a mess… that I would jump first to clear the mess.

I wish that we could be strangers for one last time, undo our wrong moves and start all over again.

“Can we start over?

Can we be strangers?

Let me introduce myself

We can laugh and talk

And relearn about each other

Make new memories

Come up with new inside jokes

And give each other

A second chance

Can we meet again

For the first time?”



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a very interesting topic! very well penned! please do have a look at my work too.