The perfectly aligned stars of ours

You and me kms apart

You and me time apart

You and me don't know each other yet

You and me is you and me not us

You and me perfectly flawed finding imperfectly the other half

You and me living life as just you and me wishing craving for each other

Wishing that there is me in our world and then there is you in our world

You and me hoping to meet the other half of our world the "you in my world and the the you in your world " hoping to make it our world very soon

Because baby you and me we re just not two

We are we in our world

Making it not the world but our own very personal heaven

Who wants to be in heaven after life.. when your heaven will be beside you sleeping in his shorts snuggling like a little boy making your world beautiful

Because you re my very wish come true

Beacuse our stars conspiring thoughtfully in our favor this time

We are destined to be together forever

We are we

We were we

We will be we


Until then keep thinking about me keep hoping things to turn out soon

Keep believing in meeting me in your dreams

Keep wondering about the face of your lady

Keep wondering how your lady love doing

But please just wait there

For some more time

We gonna meet super soon I promise !

Okayy ?

And once I ll be there I ll be yours forever.

And I mean it forever

Because baby this is our pending love story .

-an open letter to the love of my life