It was a lie we regret believing,

Such stupid we were to assume it was teasing.

The picture we painted in our head was yet so deceiving,

Every conception about adulting, oh god so misleading!!

“Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet. No one really knows how.” Like folding the fitted sheet, adulthood isn’t easy. No matter which way you fold it, there will be parts of it that won’t align the way you want to. But eventually, you’ll figure it out.

We always thought as a child what it would be like to be an adult. Going out as much as we want, staying out late, doing whatever we want to and making our own rules. But it turns out that adulting is nothing like that. We will end up paying rent, electricity bills, crying over the low paid jobs, buying groceries and panic over unexpected expenditures. This will not be what we dreamed about because adulting comes with responsibilities. The time to enjoy our freedom would be long gone. Yeah… it can be stressful and overwhelming.

It’s sad how we weren’t taught about the hardships that come with adulting. Considering it to be a fairytale, we will let ourselves be trapped in it. We were told that we will get married to our partner and raise a child with all love and get a brilliant job and then it will be happily ever after. But who will tell us the full truth? We were never told how hard it would be to be an adult, to achieve triumph over our obstacles. No one ever comforted us by telling us that we were wise enough to figure out stuff. We grow up assuming it would be fun but boooooom!!! We end up figuring out how to clear our mess. One minute we are taking in us the fact that we are adults now and the other minute we are wandering from one city to the other to find a job! We will grow up and compromise at every stage of our lives.

When our lives would be running smoothly, a challenge would come up. We might lose our job, lose our partner or face a failed relationship. Things might screw us up. We will think adulting is hard. But you know what? Clearing up our mess and figuring out things will make a better version of ourselves. It might be really very hard and overwhelming sometimes. But we have to trust ourselves. The simple truth of adulting is that it is very hard. But that is life. You can’t stop growing but only figure out how to embrace your responsibilities.

Even though life is hard and scary, it’s still good. It’s hard for sure but fun.

Adulting is a part of life. If we knew what will happen in the future and how can we overcome the problems, we would be missing the ultimate adventures of life.