We all want a little adventure in our lives every now and then. Especially after a week of mind stressing in the AC air, the urge to do something exhilarating becomes more stronger. So, here are some weekend treks you can go for to lift up your soul.

1.Kalsubai Trek:

Kalsubai is the highest peak in the Sahyadri mountain range with the height of 5400ft. Trekking here is the best experience in monsoon. The drenched green valley, hovering clouds, chilly winds and waterfalls are thrilling at this time of the year.

Location : Igatpuri Taluka

Difficulty level : Medium to hard

Average duration : 2 days

Best time to go : June to September

2.Rajhad Fort Trek:

Raigad Fort is one of the many elegant forts in the Sahyadri range. The fort has remained pretty much content and the highest part of it has remains of caves, water cisterns and palaces. This fort has incredible view from its peak.

Location : Gunjavane

Difficulty level : Medium

Average duration : 2 days

Best time to go : October to March

3.Tikona Trek:

Tikona is also known as Vitandgad which is around 60 kms from Pune. It’s one of the most impressive hill fort in Maval. The hill, measuring upto 3500ft, gets its name from its pyramidal shape. It is famous for its large doors, seven water tanks, temple of “Trimbakeshwar Mahadev” and some of the Satvaham caves. At the peak of the trek we get the mesmerising view of Pawna Dam.

Location : Near Kamshet

Difficulty level : Easy

Average duration : 1 day

Best time to go : September to March

4.Sinhagad Fort Trek:

Sinhagad Fort Trek is one of the most favourite treks for the people of Pune. They mostly come here for their one day getaway. The food throughout the trek and the stunning view at the peak is what Sinhagad has to offer. We can see the military stables, Hanuman statue and it’s historic gates in this trek.

Location : 30 kms from Central Pune

Difficulty level : Easy

Average duration : 1 day

Best time to go : July to September

So trekkers, pack your rucksacks and head towards your favourite destination to climb the mountain.