The Simpsons, an animated television series that had been up and running for 30 seasons now is one of the most popular and widely acclaimed American sitcoms. It is also still one of the longest-running animated television series of all time. The show was firstly released on December 17, 1989, and even in 2019 it still entertains not only the American population but had become a sensational hit internationally.

The creator of the show Matt Groening's wanted to portray the daily life problems of an average American family, a comical satire with a pinch of dark humor and just with a thought of entertaining the masses he came up with the concept of the show, which revolves around the life of "Homer Simpson" and his family , and surprisingly it turned out to be one of the biggestanimated series ever had been acclaimed for its dialogues, concepts and above all entertainment.

Here are some of the interesting facts that will amaze you beyond imagination, they are as follows –

  • The TIME magazine named "Bart Simpson" one of the most influential people of a century in 1998.

  • Strange it may seem, but all the characters on the show have only four fingers except for one that is GOD.

  • It generally takes a period of 6-7months to film up a single episode of the show.

  • All the names and traits of the characters on the show are derived and inspired form the family of the creator – Matt Groening.

  • In the Arabic version of the show "The Simpsons," the main lead of show 'Homer' is called 'Omar Shamshoom.'

  • In 1990 Michael Jackson co-produced “Do the Bartman" an album single from the show "The Simpsons," as MJ himself was a massive fan of the show and even provided background vocals for the song.

  • A woman – Nancy Cartwright play the voice of Bart Simpson.

  • There have been more guest stars on the show tan the number of episodes on the show.

  • Sam Simon, one of the executive producers of the show, died of Terminal cancer and donated his earnings and his share to charities.

  • Fox Broadcasting company owns all the right for “The Simpsons” till 2082.

  • TIME Magazine named “The Simpsons” one of the best shows of 20th century.

  • The word "meh" came to be accessible after its extensive use in the show itself.

  • The show has an IMDb rating of 8.7/10.