Contributor Series-1, Recognizing A Contributor

Ranjith Bollabathini
May 30, 2019   •  51 views

Who is a contributor? Where are contributors seen? How to recognize a contributor? Now-a-days it is difficult to find a contributor.In these days, we cannot say whole people but most of the people, are couldn't being as a contributor. That's because of their selfishness they are having. A common man/woman look for himself/herself who cannot think about others or about society.However there is a lot of difference between a contributor and common people. A Contributor cannot be compared with a common man because of his qualities(mentioned above) who always desires good to others and to the society.

The most perfect definition that suits a contributor is one who possess the qualities of:

1)Result focused

2)Human concern

3) excellence in work

4)enhancing trust surplus.

The above four qualities in whoom we will see,can be considered them as a contributor.

Where can be a contributor seen?

wherever there is a challenge and there is some person who steps forward to try and figure out a solution,there we can discover a contributor.

Whenever you see people going beyond their usual activities ,because they want to help someone else meet a goal in their lives,there you can see a contributor.

Whenever you see people take responsibility & ownership of big goals bringing teams together around it, collectively & individually stretching themselves to make these goals happen.There you can see a contributor.

Wherever there is someone courageously chooses integrity,over come convenience or personal benfit or despite outside pressure,there you can see a contributor.

Contributors are Result Focussed

  • Takes responsibility or ownership for goals.

  • Figure out solutions to get the work done.

  • Put effort in a goal directed manner.

  • Figure out ways to meet goals more efficiently & eeffectively.

Contributors enable or strengthen others(Human Concern)

  • Help others learn & build capacity.

  • Show concern for other's physical and mental well-being.

  • Acknowledge others' worries & provide reassurance.

  • Try to understand person's point of view &act appropriately.

  • Build others' self confidence &show belief in their potential.

Contributors seek excellence in their work(Work excellence)

  • Improve the quality of their products.

  • Pay attention and care to the finest details.

  • Maintain adhere to specifications-with precision and accuracy.

  • Develop their technique and mastery over the process.

Contributors enhance Trust surplus(Trust suprlus)

  • Clarify expectations and keep commitments.

  • Respect social norms of the community or group they are dealing with.

  • Act keeping the best interests of all parties in mind.

  • Act with integrity to principles and ideals of the professional,despite consequences.



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