3 Ways To Stay Open And Honest In A Relationship

Ranjith Bollabathini
Aug 15, 2019   •  32 views

If there is one thing that can send a relationship spiraling, it is the lack of communication. Though being open and honest takes a lot of work, but in the long run, it is the one thing that can make or break a relationship. Most young couples get swept in the romance and forget to pay attention to how they communicate their partners.

One may end up saying something hurtful, another may say something, they regret, and before you know it the communication and trust between two starts to shut down. So, whether you are in a new relationship, have been with your partner for a long time or even seeking some special here are three communication tips everyone needs to remember when getting involved with another.

Being Honest in your reactions

When your partner tells you something or recounts an incident, don't mask your real response. Whether you are angry, hurt, upset, or happy, be open about your feelings and let him/her know what's going on in your mind. If you hold your reactions back, you will convey a false sense of what you are feeling, and it could affect your interaction with each other.

Admit to mistakes from your end

Some times in the middle of the argument, you will realize that you have got it all wrong, but you will continue to debate anyway, to save your embarrassment. This is one of the most harmful things to do in a relationship. If, at any point in time, you realize that something you did or said was wrong, admit it to your partner. You will be respected for honesty, and it will further open more trust-filled channel of communication between the two of you.

Be accepting of each other

If your mind is clouded with judgments about your partner's actions or words, it becomes tough to communicate with love and honesty. Also, if your partner feels judged by you, he/she is likely to become defensive or uncommunicative. So let your partner know that your acceptance is unwavering and create a safe space for both of you to open up to each other.

Remember these three critical points throughout your relationship, and particularly during moments of conflict or friction. Embracing each other's flaws and knowing that both of you are being open and honest with each other, will only go on to ensure healthy communication, which further builds trust in your relationship.

Best ways to impress your partner

Say I love you frequently.

One of the simplest ways to become unromantic is to have a mindset that says 'I don't need to tell him/her that I love him/her.' It's cheesy, and he/she should already know. He/she probably knows your feelings, but expressing love(even though a couple of words) is an excellent way to make him/her feel loved.

Set aside personal time

Spending time with no one but each other is a crucial role for a healthy and happy relationship. Impress your partner by going out of the way to set aside some personal time in your hectic schedule to be alone with him/her. She will appreciate your effort and very much enjoy the intimate moments she gets to spend with you.

Overall the key to wow your partner is showing him/her compassion and selflessness. So demonstrate your love in every possible way you can!