In this conventional world where we all unknowingly exist, beaut at its first sight is something which soothes our eyes. Most of the people, who know a bit, rationalise beauty with appearance. They say lower the melanin, more the beauty. What about the albinos then? Why don’t the get a respectable position in the society? Beauty in today’s ephemeral world lingers between glitter and shimmer. People out there are only concerned with captivates the eye and not what captivated the soul.

In reality, what we call beautiful after looking at a person is transient. It washes out of our mind with time. Life is much more that satisfaction. Life is hardship and finding happiness despite suffering pain. Satisfaction is just a reward. People spend their life defining beauty. Many writers born and died but their life kept revolving around beauty and its meaning but what bounds them and inspires them to live is real beauty. It’s not mere the look but rather something which makes our life worth living. It’s an endless source of inspiration which satiates their soul and bounds them to the earth. It is something which reflects god.

Without emphasis, without proportion but still with harmony, beauty is eternal. With comparison, beauty is absurd. In the war of heart and mind, beauty is the art. It is not easy, it isn’t sober. It is hard to understand and full of vigour. Anything which is easy and fragile can’t be full of beauty. Beauty is the pain, hard to understand and demands to be felt. Not all people can feel the depth and impact of beauty. Some people are just satisfied with evanescent beauty and have never felt true beauty. But the fact is that beauty can’t be brief and has the immense power to soak all the grief.

When I was in my early teens, I just looked myself in the mirror and thought of ways I could improve myself and the way I looked. I craved for attention and made sure I was acceptable everywhere. Somewhere in the corner of my closet, I made a space for beauty products and used them frequently. This situation is obvious, and happened with almost all, it’s just human nature. But as maturity manifested me, the conclusion which came out is that it’s not my body which needs a makeover, it just my soul which demands to be carved.

Just alike, there will come a time when you might get fed up of wearing a mascara of applying the gel. Whom are you doing it for? We all are transient and we all have our own full stops. The only permanence is beauty which will last till the big crunch. John Keats isn’t remembered because of his charming face but for the beautiful words he left as a legacy for us. They are permanent and will thrive till the humanity lasts.

Always reminisce, not too many but few and if not few, there would be at least one person who will graduate and understand the real beauty inside you and see your light within. As Paulo Coelho says, your light will guide your path. The scent and luminosity of the light will be enough to guide you in your voyage and you will be able to see your own beauty which despite of all the sufferings will make your life worth living.



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Great Article. Loved It.
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