Hello fellas! What are you eating for breakfast? Wait let me guess, is it something easy to make, tasty as hell tasty, and nutritious too? Oh, you are having eggs! Tasty, aren’t they?

Imagine waking up one fine day and sipping your coffee along with enjoying the morning breeze, you are still in the balcony and you just finished your cup. Now you are as hungry as you can be, your eyes and stomach are searching for a happy meal.

Suddenly you smell something that makes your mouth water. Your stomach has already started to crumble. And suddenly your nose smells something that is so familiar, so healthy and nutritious!

Now you are enjoying your favorite half-fry along with the fruit juice. Yes, eggs are nutritious and healthy as well and this is the reason why most of the people have it for breakfast like you!

This article is all about the health benefits and the nutrients in the egg.

Why egg is the number one recommendation of nutritionists?

The egg is a rich source of protein and is considered complete in terms of essential amino acids as well as certain vitamins. In the next paragraph, I will discuss them in detail. On an average, an egg contains almost all amino acids, 13 vitamins, and minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, etc. it helps in building the muscle mass of children as well as adults, therefore, eating one egg daily is often recommended by pediatricians and nutritionists.

The nutrients in egg

Both the egg yolk and the egg white are rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. egg protein is often considered as a complete protein and has other organic and bioactive compounds as well.

Rich in vitamins

An egg is abundantly rich in vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin A, riboflavin, cobalamin, vitamin K, and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, selenium, etc. these are the essential micronutrients for the proper growth and development of the body. Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus are important for proper maintenance of the bones and teeth.

Increase the HDL levels of the body

High-Density Lipoprotein that is also called ‘good cholesterol’ is healthy for the body and consumption of eggs help in the increase in their levels. High-density lipoprotein carries the fat molecules from the bloodstream to the liver for metabolism.

Good source of Choline

Choline is an underrated nutrient that is also essential for the body like the other bioactive compounds. It is extremely important for cell membrane development. It plays a role in signaling for the brain and numerous other functions. In the development of an embryo, choline is as essential as folic acid.

A whole egg contains about 100mg of choline and that is why serves as its excellent source.

Rich in antioxidants like Lutein and Zeaxanthin!

Eggs are an excellent source of Zeaxanthin and Lutein that are powerful antioxidants essential for the eyes. The free radicals we intake with food might damage our eyes and, therefore, eating eggs might help you in retaining the normal eyesight. They reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke

Being rich in cholesterol, many people think that they are bad for the heart and may lead to a heart attack. This myth was busted my medical research and it was proven that there is no relation between the cholesterol present in egg and the increased risk of heart disease.

Know your limits!

Although egg is by far the healthiest and wholesome food, it needs to be consumed rationally. Daily consumption of 1-3 eggs is considered safe for your body. You should be frugal while consuming egg if you are suffering from type-II diabetes. However, there is no evidence that consuming more than three eggs is not good for your body.

Make it delicious

The best time to consume eggs is definitely the breakfast time as it is the most important meal of the day. Although it totally depends on you at what time you want to have eggs.

You can go with boiled eggs but they are bland and don’t have a particular taste. Want to have something aromatic and spicy? Go with omelet, half-fry and even scrambled egg- they all are tasty!



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