Whenever I try to choose a topic randomly, the first topic that springs to my mind is – Books. Books are another world completely. You must give up on this world completely to enjoy the fictional world that those mere words create.

The books present to us an opportunity to be in another world without moving ourselves an inch. We can be in the magical world of Harry Potter or wander through the various space expeditions or you can simply sit and wait for the perfect kiss among your favourite character. The bookish world is another league.

You need not to know something before reading a book, just a little bit of vocabulary and understanding of the language you are going to read and a book, that’s exactly what you’ll need to start your expedition.

I never knew that I can fall in love with books before I picked one up. The precise moment when I fell for books is impossible to point out, but I can tell you one thing, from the moment I got into this addictive relationship with books, I never looked back.

I am not only a book lover but a book hoarder as well. I prefer to collect the books that I want to read but then sometimes there are instances when I can even adjust for library books. I have also read a lot of e-books. I don’t discriminate between physical or electronic form of books, I read from both equally, the words are what matters to me.

The words in black and white may look harmless and beautiful even, but the power they hold upon us is immense and terrific. I am not much of a sports person but through the words I have already enjoyed cliff jumping, bungee jumping, surfing, snorkelling, horse riding, mountaineering, and don’t know what else.

For me, books are everything. Whenever I am sad or upset, a visit to my mini library on my bookshelf provides me immense peace, the small or light read before any important examination boosts up the morale, the hidden reading inside the blanket with a torch in hand makes up a thrilling story which becomes my own achievements.

There are several fond memories with the books being my partner and whenever I look on them, I feel that memory float up in my mind and then I am all smiles. You all should try books at least once and if you don’t want to read further, your choice. At least you tried.



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Very well written..keep it up!!Please check out my articles too!! :)
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Wrote well Check out my articles tooo