We have grown up by constantly listening to the proverb that- 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away.' And eating an apple a day gives you protein, minerals, vitamins, fibres and much more; and so keeps your body away from diseases. Fruits are most important part of our daily diet. Fruit gives us essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that our body needs for its daily activities. Eating fruits is as important as eating other foods. Fruits not only give us vitamin and minerals but also give us much fibre.

Eating fruits regularly makes your body healthy and stay away from diseases. The nutrients in fruits play a vital role in maintaining our body; these nutrients keep our body healthy. Eating fruits regularly reduces the deficiency of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, to quite an extent. There are much more health benefits of eating fruits regularly. A diet rich with fruits helps to reduce the stroke, cardiovascular disease and the risks of diabetes.

It is said that eating Avogadro in daily diet helps to reduce cancer. Coconut water also helps in reducing cancer to much extent. Eating strawberries will make your heart stronger and make your skin glow. Eating citrus fruits will help you maintain your stomach, thus, keeping it healthy.

A balanced diet and having fruits in it will help in losing your weight faster and also improves your mental health and helps in reducing stress. So it is very much important to have fruits in your daily diet and if possible keep one meal consisting of only fruits and not any other thing. There are numerous health benefits of eating fruits, for example, eating pomegranate on a daily basis will improve your brain power and reduces the stress.

Banana is a good source of carbohydrate and gives you instant energy. It keep you full for a long time and thus, eating bananas on daily basis also helps to reduce weight.

Fruits are are grown according to the season so eating seasonal fruit is very good for you. It's summer season and future enjoys a watermelon which has good water content and keeps your body full of water.

Mangos are the 'king of summers' and are the tastiest fruit containing natural sugar which further reduces sugar craving at night.

So we have seen that there are numerous health benefits associated with eating fruits. Eating fruits not only reduce diseases but also help in overall maintenance of the body.

So so make it a habit to include at least one fruit in your daily diet or if possible make a diet plan that is full of fruits.



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