what is paparazi?........

paparazzi is an independent photographer who takes a picture of high profile celebrities and people doing normal things.

from where this paparazzi word came from? in 1960 there's one popular movie called la dolce vita. in this movie the photographer name is paparazzo and because of the movie and a character's popularity, the word paparazzi got stuck around.

we have imported so many things from Hollywood their stories, their music even the word Bollywood is copied from Hollywood plus we have also imported the paparazzi sub-culture. photos of Bollywood and television celebrities are everywhere. if they are standing on their balcony or attending a funeral their picture gets uploaded on social media. even if these celebrities are going to gym their photos got uploaded in the social media. what the hell is going on? why do I need to see jhanvi Kapoor going to the gym every day? nowadays celebrities are clicking their amazing selfies and started posting it online. giving the fans a glimpse of their personal life. from celebrity Instagram account you guys will get the pic of an outfit of the day but when they are buying strawberries then from where we will get their pics? that is where the paparazzi comes in.

basically, paparazzi are on the payroll of bigger media photographer like a manav manglani and viral Bhayani. these paparazzi photographers carry a good camera and a data card so the data can be published immediately. usually, news channels have the most money that is why they got the photos first. after all its all about demand and supply. we all are voyeurs we just peep into other people's life. it is a very basic instinct. why do you think how big boss works? its fun to see each and every aspect of the celebrity's life but the media intensity has grown way too much over the years. the paparazzi often found lurking around popular restaurants in Mumbai and the airport for the celebrities "airport look". many times the paparazzi is informed when the celebrities are going to take the flight.mostly the B-grade celebrities informed the photographers to come so the next time if you randomly see Kim Sharma clicked at the airport it means that photographers were called off.

the obsession of star kids in social media got started when Amitabh Bachchan's granddaughter and Shahrukh's kids were started growing up. but now the media is obsessed with the Taimur Ali khan. everything he does is captured by the photographers and now Taimur has started calling media when the photographers are around. rumors have it that Taimur's first word was not maa but media. his parents both Kareena and saif have mostly been accommodating about it. but sometimes even they understandably expect media to back off!!!!!.

of course, it's fun to see the celebrities on these pajamas and shorts. it's also to take inspiration from their brunch and their airport looks. I don't think that our obsession will be going to end anytime soon. this obsession will only rise and soon we will have a tsunami of fake celeb news.

so is there an end to this. no, I don't think so. like I said before paparazzi are necessary evils and we all are voyeurs. this is show business and the show must go on.