Films That Have Destroyed Hollywood Actors' Careers?

Radha Dwivedi
Jul 18, 2019   •  18 views

1. Superman Returns

Victim – Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh is 6′ 4" tall and is an appealing person. You don't get cast in a Superman movie in case you don't have the looks. In addition, you understand what, the movie was not gravely made, anyway it didn't resonate with the gathering of onlookers. No one felt for the Clark Kent or Superman. No one identified with any of the characters and the film attacked.

Likewise, it took Brandon Routh with it to the base of the ocean. Likewise, he was just 27!

2. Catwoman

Victim – Halle Berry
In what capacity can one gifted on-screen character who won the Academy Award for acting the previous year continue to do this movie? Her outfit was unfeasible and incredible. How might she even fight the baddies in that pitiful troupe? She was such an unprecedented performer and we never got the chance to see her in a highlighting work from that point on.

3. Love Story 2050

Victim – Harman Baweja
He looked like Hrithik Roshan, yet missed the mark on his acting slices. The film was disagreeable, and thank god Priyanka Chopra did not sink with this one. We are incredibly content with the veritable Hrithik Roshan, favor your heart.

4. Star Wars

Victim – Hayden Christensen

Bad, bad acting. Bad script. Bad direction. Bad dialogues. It did really well at the box office, though.
Hayden Christensen did not get a significant role after the prequels. And to think he had Ewan McGregor backing him up. I really hope the new Star Wars movie is better.

5. The Love Guru

Victim – Mike Myers

o be direct, I loved the movie. Regardless, that was in light of the fact that I appreciated Mike Myers. The film was horrendous in depicting Indians and scorned everything conceivably Indian.

The jokes were horrible and one can see that even Mike Myers couldn't extra the movie. We didn't see him in various movies starting now and into the foreseeable future, and it is forlorn, in light of the way that he is an incredibly shrewd individual.

9. Dragonball: Evolution

Victim – Justin Chatwin

You don't disturb the youth works of art. We venerated the DBZ animation when it broadcast on TV, and afterward you needed to proceed to make this detestation?In what universe does James Chatwin even resemble Goku? As I would like to think, he completely merited this one.Additionally, awful, terrible hairdo.

10. Batman

Victim – Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton is as yet a splendid entertainer. In a couple of jobs, he has gotten after this film is. Much the same as Superman Returns, the motion picture isn't seriously made, however, neglected to intrigue the finicky comic-con swarm.

Despite everything they consider Michael Keaton perhaps the best batman however. That ought to be an encouragement, correct?
He got a decent job in Birdman however. Possibly his vocation isn't actually finished?

11. Batman & Robin

Victim – Chris O’Donnell

Loathsome motion picture. Frightful outfits. Awful acting. Everything was unpleasant in this one. Furthermore, Chris O'Donnell was attractive and had a future.
This motion picture is considered one of the most noticeably terrible Batman films to be at any point made, and Batman fans never under any circumstance pardoned Chris O'Donnell. We never observed him again.

12. Striptease

Victim – Demi Moore
No regrets here. She is an okay actress who happened to act in a film that was basically soft porn. Done and dusted.

13. Passion Of Christ

Victim – Jim Caviezel

The film made each individual recoil on the grounds that the scenes were reasonable and similar. Jim Caviezel was a promising entertainer with the exemplary great looks and simply like Superman, you don't get the chance to play Jesus on the off chance that you ain't attractive.
We saw him is different motion pictures to a great extent, however no additionally featuring jobs in real motion pictures