SEX! There I said it. So now that I have your attention and we are on the subject, let’s talk about one of the most crucial parts of sex- Foreplay. For those who think, it is a female-centric concept, I have news for you- It is not!

I went to an all-girls convent school and hence was raised to leave the room at the slightest mention of the S-word. F-word (no, not the other F-word) was out of context. I had little to almost no knowledge about anything related to sex. When I grew up and moved to a co-ed college, the world was suddenly hearts and flowers. There were people hooking up, having sex, getting into relationships and falling in love. This world was running parallel to the one I grew up in and I had absolutely no idea about it

I loved this world. It was much better to stay out late just roaming around than having to call your mom to ask where your favourite top was at. Of course, there were heartbreaks, drunk nights and crying in the bathroom while the mascara ran across the cheeks but this was a whole new experience and outlook towards life. And I was loving it.

Then came those intense discussions about sex. My knowledge increased bit by bit, thanks to my friend’s adventures and my best friend- Google! But even after all this what no one discussed was Foreplay. And this is the one aspect where the pornography industry doesn’t help either.

So, what is it all about and why do people not give it the importance it deserves? Well, to put it simply foreplay refers to the activities which often lead up to sexual intercourse. Think about the last time you kissed… Did you get butterflies in your tummy? Well let me inform you that that kiss and little snuggle is all a part of foreplay.

But why people don’t talk about it as much as they should. Here are some reasons why it’s important to talk about it and why foreplay is actually fun-


Believe it or not, foreplay plays a major role in the sexual act. Making out is just foreplay and some actually call it better than intercourse. Moreover, foreplay is not just important for sex but also helps you get to know your partner better. It increases intimacy and strengthens your relationship. Dont go by what the Pop Culture teaches us. In movies it is often showed that the actors are too hot to play around but just dive directly into it. That is so not how it should be. Go slow, get to know your partner, what's the hurry!

2.Spice up your sex life

Foreplay is especially important in long term relationships where sex starts to get monotonous and people often start losing interest in their sexual activities. Here foreplay gives a twist and spice to your sex life and makes you remember and bring back those old days. Sure, there are other ways to introduce the fun element in the game but foreplay is like going back to the basics- It’s never wrong!

3.Its not just for females

Trust me when I say, its not just for females. In fact, a survey conducted said that men often feel that they are not getting enough foreplay because their partners feel that they don’t need it. As men get aroused faster than women, women often do not focus enough on foreplay. Sex for men starts with the eyes and for women it starts in the brain but gently arousing your man would be preferred by him any day.

4.It’s the word “foreplay”

People have attached a stigma to the word “foreplay” itself which makes them think its too much work and they are often too lazy to follow up. Foreplay (including the word itself) feels like a big barrier they have to cross before they can land on the sex planet. Most couples are too indolent to “go through it”. What they don’t realise is that acts like kissing, touching etc are also a part of foreplay.

5.Don’t know how

A solid group of men and women admitted that they don’t really know how or what will feel good to their partner. It is an easy way to understand what your partner wants and how to pleasure them. Communication is the key to any relationship and it is not only verbal. Non-verbal communication actually forms about 80% of our total communication. Foreplay helps you understand the language of love better.

Say what you may about how great the sex is but you can’t deny the appeal of a hot make out session. So go ahead and unleash your inner Aphrodite!