Do you have a crush on him/her or do you love him/her?

So many of you may have crush on him/her, but do you know the difference between love and crush. Crush is like you like a guy or girl but love is something like you cannot live without a person. When you love someone then that person becomes a reason for living to you. But some people misunderstand between crush and love. You like many people such as your friends but that doesn't mean that they are your soulmates. Crush is a stage that is usually common in adolescence age. But love is something that happens only once in your life time.

People mostly commit suicides because they have been cheated. So one must know that crush is not love. When one becomes mature then he/she knows what is right what's wrong so then they find their love.

The children in adolescence age must me taught about the difference between love and crush, so that they don't make a mistake.

Lastly I would like to say that different people have different views and opinions about crush and love and this is my point of view ,it may vary from person to person.