Ever Wanted To Go Back In Time

Jun 20, 2019   •  20 views

We as humans always tend to think wish if we could go back in time. Go back to your past life, don't you? I mean if possible go back in time and change things or go back in time and relive some moments again. We always thought about it although it is not possible. We wished it secretly.

Today I was watching a high school kinda web series and this "go back in time" just stuck in my head. Honestly, I never wanted to go back and changes things or something in my life because you know we are all here either happy, not happy, satisfied, not so satisfied because of our past. Whatever that past might be I'm sure it helped us all grow comparing to how we were in past.

I would never want to undo my failures, as much as they hurt me. I would never want to unwind the clock and try to skip past. Everything unfolded the way it was meant to be.

But, I just thought what if I could go back in time. What would I do? I know we all want to go back and change our mistakes, our failures or our past relationship, or the person we fell in love.

I thought to myself if I want to do that too but no, I do not want to change anything. I'm all today because whatever the past it was. But if it is possible I want to go to just to relive somethings again because I felt I did not live those moments well enough. Go back and just relive those moments little more nicely, experience it again, appreciate that stuff, count my blessings. Because it's all different now. I don't think it is my mistake now or something that I could not do it. Just thought if I did all that how different would things be now. Would my life be different now?

Wherever you are right now. However, you are. Just live your life fullest without any fears because later you just wish you could go back.

Obviously, we can't change our past or go back in time but just think if you go could go back, once, and change a single thing what would it be?