Dreams. What are Dreams to you? Do you live for Dreams? How much do they mean to you? For me my dreams are everything. I live for them. But is it easy to fulfil your dreams? We have different dreams from when we are children to now. I know I am leaving many questions but think about them.

Just like everyone even I had a dream but one consistent dream from 11th to now that is wearing the Press Id card and to work for people. But dreams are not that easy. When we dream about a goal we just dream without thinking about anything else. All we think we gotta hard work, determination to make our dreams come true. And as we grow up we face reality, we start seeing things and then I realise that is not it. I did not realise that you should consider many things before dreaming about something like financial stability, support, society, gender etc.

As we grow up we release more that how difficult is it to fulfil your goals in life. It's hard than you think. Although you as person give 100% still you fail sometimes and it's strange. Sometimes it takes a lot of people around you to stand there for you to reach your dream. Some people are lucky that enough people are there to support them to fulfil their dreams. Some people are not. They gotta fight alone to reach there. It's tough. But be positive, be motivated and believe yourself, even if you are standing alone.

If you can dream it, you can do it. — Walt Disney

But I am not saying do not dream, Dream, Dream big and make sure your dreams come true too. There will be many obstacles to reach the dream you want. This society will decide that how good your dreams are, what a man should dream and what a women dream. The most essential thing needed is support/encouragement if you have someone who stands with you through all the time then life seems a little easy to fulfil your dreams.


I know sometimes life does not go as you planned and it makes you feel demotivated, then read some books like the ‘Monk who sold his Ferraris’, ‘Alchemist’ or read some quotes of successful people. Get some encouragement and believe in yourself and have a plan a B, C. Have as many plans as you can. Change your plans according to situations but make sure to reach the top there. Don't give up. You will be there someday. If not today, then maybe tomorrow.



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Nicely written! :)