We as humans are different from each other in every way features, colour, personality and so. Aren't we? Then why don't we accept it? Why are we obsessed about fair skin tone?

Fair skin colour is the first thing that matters from the day a person is born to every stage of life most people get judged for their dusky to dark skin tone. You get to hear a lot of things like He is too dark, she is dusky and blah blah and also the people around you, this society will also tell you what beauty defines you and wants you to believe in it. Strange right?

We as people, especially Indians are obsessed with fair skin tone. And not to forget the obsession Indian brands have over fair skin tone or Indian families have for fair skin tone. The proof that Indians are obsessed with fair skin tone is marriage ads, fairness creams, lightening creams.

Growing up as a dusky or dark girl is very complicated in this world. You will hear derogatory comments which will make you feel you are not confident and beautiful enough. And as you grow up you get see even the most educated people make racist comments and so but don't let them affect you. Of course, I know it will bother you but don't let anyone make yourself stand in front of the mirror and question your beauty, Question yourself if you are pretty enough. Everyone is beautiful in their way. Neither because someone is fair doesn't make them extra prettier nor if you are dusky or dark makes you less pretty.

Be beautiful like you. You don't need to be beautiful like them.

Women who face this complexion taunts in life, go through a lot of mental health issues like depression, anxiety. It's so weird that even today in some schools/colleges, students who are dusky/dark go through a lot of discrimination among fellow students and chances of them being bullied by fellow mates is still a familiar thing you get to see. Racial discrimination is going on since ages and it seems like even in the 22nd century it doesn't stop. I know Complexion taunts or discrimination is not merely bound to India. They are many other people in several countries who face the same circumstances too. But we as humans need to understand that just like they are different body shapes in humans, unique features in every person, they are also different skin complexions too.

Women are always criticised for dark skin tone in any profession. Mostly in the entertainment industry. The beauty industry often shuts out women with darker complexions, but Nyma Tang, Monica Veloz and Jackie Aina are video bloggers working to change that.

Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't beautiful enough because of your skin tone. Be comfortable in your own skin and embrace it. The day you accept yourself, you glow differently. Let's just teach our children and make this society understand that we are all same despite any complexion. We are all beautiful. Dark, Dusky or whatever your colour is you are beautiful. It doesn't make you anything less. You are gorgeous regardless of any complexion.