India Vs Pakistan: Match Review

Prerit Sharma
Jun 16, 2019   •  39 views

Vooh!! Vooh!! No match is bigger than this 'India vs Pakistan'. Once in a 4 year span of World Cup,excitement level ought to be at peak and that's exactly what it delivered. There were plenty of things happened during the match and we will look at some of those moments.

1. Ro-hitman-sharma show:

Firing 140 runs but the only regret which we all had was his 4th odi 200 runs. Its quite unbelievable but that is the way how Mr. Sharma deals. When he secured his century only one thing came in mind:

"Sharma ji ka beta,kahin 200 na jad de" Nevertheless tournament is on and he will get plenty of opportunity to do so.

2. Vi-jay Shankar:

Biggest gamble played by Team India. Every question raised on him, got a solution. Got his first wicket on the first ball bowled by him in this world cup. What do we say to it? Golden ball. Act like a replacement of Bumrah but played as a front line bowler. This game boosted his confidence and is beneficial for us.

3.Kuldeep's Magic spell:

Unsettled the settled batsman Babar Azam,Fakar Zaman and finally bowled them out. Breakthrough was needed in order to break the partnership and that's exactly what Kuldeep did.

4. Hardik's bowling:

Whenever needed Hardik delivered. He is becoming a reliable option rather a trust worthy one. Middle order of Pak was damaged by him. Played a small cameo in the batting as well.

5. Dependable Rahul:

Hat's off to this man! Coming at number 4 and then opening the innings is something really courageous. He gave a solid start to the team and his knock will boost his confidence as a opening batsman.

So its 7-0 touch wood!

Mohammad Amir uttered some stuff to Virat. Man be careful as to whom you are uttering to.

Fastest player to score 11,000 runs. Congratulations Virat!