6 Skincare Mistake Most Of The People Do

Pratham Israni
Jun 22, 2019   •  88 views

6 Skincare Mistake Most Of The People Do

In day to day rush we often ignore to properly follow our skincare routine but not just that many of us do a lot skincare mistakes which make the use of products less effective. So let's see what are the skincare mistakes a lot of people do.

Leaving Skin Bare After Face wash

After using a cleaner or face wash many of us leave our skin bare but we should not do that, after using a face wash we should apply a moisturizer to our skin within a minute after washing our face. Leaving the skin bare leads to the skin's dehydration and dryness.

Using Harmful Products

Most of the top selling skincare products in India are the harmful for our skin, the reason for this is that they spend a lot on advertisements and make false claims to the consumer. Some of the examples are Emami and fair& lovely products. So to buy the right product you should always check it's ingredients, that it should not have parabens, sulphates and Moisturizers should not have any alcohol base ingredients.

Rubbing Product into your skin

There are few products which don't need to be rubbed on the skin as it can irritate our skin or can even deteriorate your skin quality. For instance toner should not be rubbed on your skin. It should be dabbed on the skin.

Using product not made for our skin

If you use skincare products which are not for your skin type then you might not be able to see the best results out of your skincare product. First you should know what skin type you have and then accordingly you should buy the product from the market. Products which mention that it's for "all skin types" they most of the time doesn't work better than the products which are made specifically for a skin type.

Not using sunscreen daily

Yes, we should definitely apply sunscreen daily. one of the most important reason is that when we sit near the window or in the car at that time also our skin is being damaged by the UV Rays. Using sunscreen daily, no matter What's the weather or where you are will slow down your skin ageing.

Not changing pillow cover

Changing pillow cover isn't a part of our skin care routine but it can affect your skin a lot. When you sleep in night oil is produced by the glands and that oil gets on the pillow cover then bacteria penetrates there, that bacteria causes many skin problems like acne and infection. So make sure you change your pillow covers at least twice a week.

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