After 10th we are all faced with a big question of what to do next? I mean till 10th standard we all have everything figured outlaid on a silver platter for the lot of us but its really what that comes after10 standard that matters. The field of our choosing or of our parents' science, arts or commerce the major three. The ones who opt for science mainly go for the today's never-ending trend that of studying of JEE or of NEETand what's then to keep them from going to the studies' capital of India, Kota.

The beautiful city of Kota located in Rajasthan, is famous for its various coaching institutions for the studies of JEE and NEET and also its a little quirky but yet beautiful student life. Every student who goes to Kota goes with an aspiration to crack to JEE or NEET but not all those who aspire are met with their aspirations. After going to Kota everything about you changes, believe me, its a place that either makes you in ways that might yet fully understand or can even break you in ways that yo couldn't even possibly imagine.

The 8 hours coaching routine then studying for the period and then sleep, this is what everyone does there, but only for a few months, then most of us come to par with the reality that this jee is not for everyone and especially not for me. Then comes the change, sleeping in the day, wandering around to the unknown within our mind in the classrooms, and then staying up all night doing your homework well if you still can gather the power of concentration or then diving into the world of cinemas.

The most common modes of living there are as paying guests or in hostels. Both of them have their perks, but stillliving in a hostel is really a rollercoaster ride in every way, like sneaking out of the hostel at night to wander the roads or the constant melodrama in the mess, from hating mess food to surviving on the Kota special "kadi kachori" or the "patties", it sure does make some memories. From being super tensed for every exam to not caring at last, from being a good student to being a loyal customer to the movies man. Remembering home to feeling sick, craving for" ghar ka khana" sure will come to every Kota student after reading this.

We sure go to Kota to make a carrier for ourselves but not all are able to that, but thethings that Kota teaches us, the stress handling, being more affectionate towards your parents after staying away for so long, the lessons in life about practicality are the things that believe me only a place like Kota can teach you. It sure is true that "you may leave Kota, but Kota never leaves you"