Best Tips For Optimizing Your Laptop

May 15, 2019   •  1 view

Many people are now using laptops instead of desktops. Although the desktop is suitable for professional work. However, those who use computers in the hobby should buy their laptops. Laptops are generally of two types - netbooks, notebooks.

People who work on light or work online generally use netbooks. And many people are buying notebooks for the heavy work and high graphics gaming. Just do not use the laptop to buy it. Regularly take care of it as well. Some tips should be obeyed so that your laptop can serve properly for a long time. The laptop performance will be good.

Using the laptop will be useful
Even if you do not have to run a laptop with a battery, you will have to run the batteries sometimes in 2/3 weeks or else battery life will be reduced.

Reduce the brightness of the screen while running the laptop in the battery.
Clear the battery connector lines from time to time.

Use good quality antivirus.
Minimize other windows without the need.
Play music from the hard disk, because the CD / DVD RAM gets much more power.
Keep the air vents open and keep the laptop in a way that makes the air circulation easily, do not keep it straight in the sunlight.

Use the Hibernate option instead of shutdown.
Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.
Do not do any work in the maintenance of hard disk and CPU.

Stop unnecessary programs.
Sometimes Ram Cleaner, Ram Optimi "er, Mem Monster, Free Up Ram, Super Ram Defragment for memory clean.

Uninstall programs that are not needed for now.
Many of us do not do the same thing as cleaning the dirt on the laptop. And of course, the correct hygiene products should be used.

Use the keyboard keys and keyboard keys instead of laptop keyboard and mouse. This will make the laptop keyboard and mouse pad good for long days.

Laptops do not play more graphics games, this makes the laptop very hot, which is harmful for the inside of other devices.

Laptop should be used as small size software as possible.

Laptops should be run for a short period of time.

Keep the laptop away from the heat directly.
Laptop should not be kept on long lap. A few days ago, a group of researchers found a survey among laptop users, who have long been able to keep their laptop on the lap and have the possibility of losing their reproductive capacity.

The laptop has built-in devices such as: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, infrared etc. If you do not need to turn off these devices when using a laptop. This will reduce battery power consumption.

Use a specially made bag for laptops to carry a laptop. These bags can protect laptop from external damage. You can also use shoulder bag to carry the laptop on the tour. In addition to this, there is another benefit as well as convenience, that you can not be loaded from the outside that you are carrying a laptop. So you can get rid of the hijackers' eyes.

Use the external keyboard and mouse to play games on laptops or to type something. Because, in these cases, the laptop's touch pad and keyboard life expectancy may be reduced.

Run the laptop using electricity directly from the premises where electricity is available in the house or outside. Laptop batteries have a fixed life span. After a certain number of times the charging of this battery is unusable.

Regularly clean the laptop's air vents. Due to the closure of the air vents, there will be plenty of heat generated, which is harmful for laptops. Keep the laptop away from food and drink. Otherwise, the water on the laptop may be lost due to inadvertentness.

It's not okay to use a laptop desktop continuously. After several hours of use, the laptop should be kept off for some time. Keep the lights on your screen fit for your eyes. Remember, do not keep in high color that is beyond your eyes. You can do this task automatically with a popular software called Rashisan.