Khajjair- India's Mini Switzerland

Pina Bansal
May 22, 2019   •  29 views

Khajjair is popular among the travellers as India's Mini Switzerland. This is a small town situated in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. This place is all covered by the lush green grass and surrounded by the forest of deodar trees. The Khajjair lake also adds beauty to this place and makes it much more peaceful.

History Of Khajjair

Khajjair was formed by an ancient Rajput ruler Of chamba district in 6th century as their capital city.

The region became the part of Mughal empire and when it was taken over by the Britishers, it became a part of Himachal Pradesh.

How to reach

By rail- The nearest railway station is Pathankhot connected via trains from delhi, chandigarh, jaipur. The Pathankhot station is 118 kms away from Khajjair and one can easy hire taxis or cab to reach there.

By air- The nearest airport to Khajjair is Gaggal Airport, 120 km away from it.
By road- Khajjair is well connected to several towns via roads.

Best time to visit

This place is open throughout the year and the weather is always pleasant. One may find heavy rainfall in the month of January and February.

Things to do in Khajjair

The travellers enjoy several fun activities and adventurous sports in Khajjair like horse riding, paragliding and zorbing.

Horse riding is a common activity here but one should definitely try zorbing in Khajjair.
Apart from the fun activities, the place also has temples-
A. The Lord Shiva Statue
The 85 feet tall statue of Lord Shiva is situated in Khajjair. It is the tallest statue in Himachal pradesh and is polished with bronze.

B. Golden Devi Temple
This temple derives its name from the golden dome and is near the Khajjair lake. It is a popular tourist place of khajjair.

C. Khajji Nag Temple
This temple is the dedicated to Naga, the lord of serpents and one can find several snake ideals here. Also there are several portraits of Pandavas defeating Kauravas from Mahabharata on the walls of the wooden structure of this temple.

The tourist places like Khajjair lake, Kalatop Wildlife sanctuaries, Khajjair trek are also very popular among the tourist. People enjoy the weather, do camping on the lake side and go on trekking. One can witness several beautiful flora and fauna in the Kalatop Wildlife sanctuary like deer, leopard, langur, jackal, bear, Himalayan black marten and barking goral and many colourful birds.

Shopping markets in Khajjair

There are two main market streets of Khajjair
A. HP State Handicraft Centre
This place offers several handicraft materials famous of Khajjair like woolen stoles and caps.
B. Tibetan Handicraft Centre
This place offers many beautiful outfits and items of tibetan culture.

There are several things to do in India's Mini Switzerland!!!