What is mental health?
We can define mental health as the psychological well being or the absence/presence of mental illness in an individual.

People often tend to neglect their mental illness though it starts to effect their daily routine. It also starts to effect their life, their relationships and their physical activities. Mental illness in an individual could bring simple symtoms such as anxiety, mood swings, panic attacks that one would take lightly.

We have had a lot of campaigns that spread awareness about mental illness as well as acouple of Tv shows where celebrities open up about their mental being.

A few celebrities that opened up about their severe depression, anxiety and mental health are:

1) Kendall Jenner -

She faced a lot of body shaming over the internet for not being as curvy as her sisters. People constantly trolled her and said absolutely rude things that started to effect Kendall. This made her wirhdraw from activities, meet ups and people, Kendall said in an interview.

2)Chrissy Teigen -

The model also started receiving a lot of negativity after she posted pictures of her breast feeding her baby. According to all the comments she received on her social media, breast feeding was not something to flaunt about through pictures it was considered a publicity stunt. Teigen was upset and though she had all the support and people to talk to she did not feel better, she said in an interview.

3) Sophie Turner -
The game of thrones star also spoke about her eating disorder, anxiety and how she overcame it. She said that she started to hate herself and disliked meeting people and started to withdraw herself completely but then the people around her that loved her realised that she has redeeming qualities as well.

4) Adele -

The queen of music, also dealt with depression after she gave birth to her son. She said that she is afraid to have another baby because of the depression she went through on her first delivery.

Having a good mental health is necessary because it effects our life and everything seems out of place. It is necessary if we ever feel disturbed or feel any kind of anxiety and depression, we talk to people we love. This will not only help us feel better but also help us get the right support and medication.