We regret and say sorry.
We realize and say sorry.
We worry and say sorry.
We hurt and say sorry.
There are thousands of emotions accumulated in our hearts when we at the end say sorry. We try our best to erase all the mistakes we have done using a word sorry as apology, like we used the eraser to rub all the mistakes done while writing in pencil.

We define sorry as an expression for apology to ask the person for forgiveness in return. A sorry is merely a word when it is spoken but when it is felt from the heart it turns to a true emotion.

There are different situations when sorry is used all representing different emotions. It’s not a word that represents apology only but it’s also a word chosen to express worry. It carries a bigger meaning when we refer to saying ‘NO’ for something while opting for self-respect and our precious time over something else. Sometimes sorry help us to escape from an upcoming unfavorable situation.

In some conditions sorry is just necessary to attain mental peace.

It’s not going to prove anything unless you mean it because sorry is not enough sometimes, you actually have to change.

Quite a few times your tears, your sadness, your pains all get un-noticed and all that is noticed are your mistakes. Thus, a sorry becomes essential in such a situation. A sorry may change a person, either the one who says it or the one who it’s spoken to.

Some of the sorries are meant to be said to one own self because many times we do such things which we never wanted but for others we do them.

“When you say ‘YES’ to others make sure you are not saying ‘NO’ to yourself”
-Paulo Coelho

I read a valuable quote somewhere stating “You may not be able to control every situation and it’s outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it”.

I believe sometimes it’s better to ignore some things than regretting afterwards and feeling sorry for us only. In hopes of not hurting others we should not land up hurting us only.

Don’t be sorry if you know it’s isn’t enough,
Don’t be sorry if you know it’s making no difference,
Don’t be sorry if you are hurt,
Don’t be sorry until it is at least valued.



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