Today we will be dealing with a gene named 'EGO' , please do not ask me on which locus of the chromose is it located or where does the cell containing this gene occur? for science even do not have answer to this question! Yes, this gene has been lately discovered by me( & I am not a scientist) for enquiries how? Answer is simple, by observing people around me. Of course, this is not a new discovery, we all experience the trap of our ego in our day to day life and the gene governing is ' ego' gene

What is "Ego"

Ego is nothing but part of our nature which do allows us to accept our mistake, dominate others, hurt those who are near to us, and all the bad one can imagine to dishearten your loved ones.

Effect of this gene:

Today if there are numerous heartbreaks, breaking of family ties, fights among best friend and everyone whom we admire and genuinely care; if they are parting with us over a trivial matter which you think could have been smoothly handled rather than exaggerating the situation it was all because of this 'EGO' gene which has became dominant.

How to overcome the effect:

Now, the dominant nature of this gene can only be suppressed only and only if we increase our tolerance and patience level. Critically analysing the situation and then working accordingly is the key to overcome ego. We should always remember that ego is not an innate character it is an acquired trait inherited by a person over time and experiences. Hence, it is our sole duty to fight with our ego and never let that ego win over you.

Difference between ego and self respect

We our confused when it comes to differentiate between ego and self repect.

  • Self respect means you respect yourself while ego means that you only respect yourself.

  • Self respect involves accepting your mistakes and making all possible efforts to rectify it on the other hand ego means not at all accepting your mistakes and try your level best to defend your follies.

  • Self respect transforms a person into a hero while ego transforms person into a villian.

Life is too short to let your humongous body be governed by a small gene! Let's not let it dominate us for we possess it and not that gene owns us and defines us.