Cow Urine: A Blessing In Disguise

Parth Gulati
Feb 27, 2019   •  65 views

In the Hindu Mythology cow is considered as a holy creature. She is equated as mother in the Indian Tradition. Panchagavya or Panchagavyam is a mixture used in traditional Hindu rituals that is prepared by mixing five products of cow. The three direct constituents are cow cowdung , urine and milk. The two derived products are curd and ghee.

Despite of all these immense benefits bestowed upon us America has 4 patents on our native cow urine. The reason behind this failure is that we(ancestors) had a great knowledge of many things before the rest of world but our ancestors had a little notion of making that knowledge exclusive so knowledge got exported to rest of the world on which many scientists had built there ideas/theories and some even got noble prize.

But it is not too late, we still have a huge scope to research on cow urine and make it to use for the welfare of mankind. Cow urine has tremendous roles like

As a therapeutic agent

  1. Cow urine is basically an excellent germicide and potent antibiotic therefore cow urine therapy destroys all pathogenic organisms and if it is taken on a daily basis , it boosts immunity.

  2. Presence of Calcium and Copper promote its antiobesity factor.

  3. Aurum Hydroxide and Copper acts as antidotes for various poisons in the body as certain poisons can be refined and purified if soaked in Goumutra for 3 days.

As a Bio enhancer

  1. The recent invention related to cow urine was its role as a bio-enhancer

  2. Distillate cow urine helps in absorption of antibiotic across the cell membrane in animal cell, gram positive and gram negative at 40-50 degree Celsius

  3. It acts as a bio-enhancer of antifungal and anticancer agents.

In Agriculture

  1. Cow urine helps in increasing Nitrogen content of the soil.

  2. Total Nitrogen content is very high ranging from 6.8 to 21.6 g Nitrogen per ml.

  3. Nitrogen being present abundantly in the atmosphere is unavailable to our plants because of its high Bond Dissociation Energy.

  4. Instead of using chemical fertilizers cow urine can be used as a substitute to enrich soil.

For better rearing of honey bees.

  1. Apiculturists in Uttrakhand have discovered a new way of rearing honey bee using cow urine.

  2. Cow urine prevents the spread of microbial disease in the bees.

  3. Medicines that were used for killing the microbes had bad effects on larvae of honey bees while on the other side cow urine is free of side effects.

  4. This research is being carried on GBPUA&T College of Agriculture ( Entomology Department)

We Indians, somewhere have forgotten the lost time. It is the need of the hour to revive our ancient tradition and bring back the knowledge written in our Veds and Upnishads.

Modern medicine though is effective but comes with enormous side effects hazardous to mankind . Cow urine on the other hand can be used as a formulation in medicines to cure the incurable.