Stream Of Consciousness- Tester

Aditya Nair
Mar 31, 2020   •  6 views

The greatest stories have the simplest beginnings, this wasn't some proverb, made eminent by virtue of its age or it being the utterance of a noble statesman, whose remarkable displays of ingenuity and resourcefulness, among other qualities, helped him secure a spot in the history books. In fact, it was a coinage of my own, and would require bolstering in the form of extensive practical evidence to be considered of any notice. Let me inform you right now that it does not perform the role of a prologue to what follows, not even in the slightest, I used it merely as an opening line, clueless as to where it would lead. The answer, as you, and I, have just found out, is nowhere, I plunged my hand into the ever-flowing river of my thoughts and caught one, and typed it out, and now as I sit down to observe the flow of the stream of my consciousness - a style I attempt here for the first time - I hope to find something useful. But have I accrued enough experience from which tangible, oily knowledge can be wrung out? Say I have, how will I then transmit that knowledge to my peers, which, lest we forget, will still be considered a recounting of my personal experience to them - and thus will have to be related instead of transmitted, but I digress. Do you see the problem now? Knowledge has different forms and takes various shapes, it is derived from the crucible of experience and as such isn't transmissible. Experience is the basis and extent of individual knowledge, and since the same experience might evoke different mental reactions in different people, knowledge gained through lived experience can never be universal. Now, since all knowledge results from experience, the world should be awash with arguments, which it is, even the most seemingly incontrovertible and factually fortified truths are all too often called into question. And that is where my concern rests, (the elaboration of which will undoubtedly expose my naivete, thus inviting ridicule from all quarters, but I must carry on) a searing majority of the populace - for convenience's sake I'll talk about people under 25 years of age - isn't opinionated, they owe their views and subjectivities - for better or worse - to the current capitalist regime, (Yes, I am alluding to thought control, a topic I'll dedicate a subsequent article to), political consciousness unfortunately isn't taught in schools, compassion and conscientiousness shunned in favour of more academic subjects, emotional maturity and morality are thought to come with age, but is this true or mere hogwash? Were it the former, what justifications would then be offered by men who beat their wives, adultresses, people who throw dogs off rooftops, people who urinate on sleeping destitutes? It must be the latter then, morality, righteousness, compassion et al are not accoutrements to an advance in age. What course of action should we as an enlightened collective adopt to cure the world of this malady? More pressingly, what of the aforementioned young, unopinionated population? The bombardment of heavily charged opinions on credulous and malleable minds can wreak havoc; as we have established, knowledge can't be transferred unexpurgated, and no one will bother to tell you how to discern between acute rights and wrongs, or point you down the right path. It is a vulnerable age to be, between 17 and 25, an explosive tanginess, punctuated by frolic, laughter and energy, it's easy to be led on, and hard to be perceptive, especially today as politics becomes more deeply enmeshed in our society than ever before, it is imperative that the youth learn to navigate the modern quotidian maze. There are a million distractions to prevent the pursual of an idea, a million distractions lead to the generation of a million incohate ideas, not a single line of flight pursued to its culmination. These are the years of light, this is when ideas are crystallised, so it's important that conditions conducive to production of good ideas are created. Lessons can be learnt from both sides of the political arena, the unity and tenacity of the right are worthy of emulation, as are the compassion and open mindedness of the left. Reading the article you should be in no doubt as to where my fealty lies.

We are headed into a storm.

I'd write more but it's very late, I'd like to end saying one, although I didn't design this article to be in the least bit divisive, I'm not sorry if your sensibilities are offended and two, a Bob Dylan lyric, because you can never go wrong with him

And take me disappearing through the smoke rings of my mind

Down the foggy ruins of time

Far past the frozen leaves

The haunted frightened trees

Out to the windy beach

Far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow

Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky

With one hand waving free

Silhouetted by the sea

Circled by the circus sands

With all memory and fate

Driven deep beneath the waves

Let me forget about today until tomorrow