When You Should Take A Pregnancy Test - Women's Health

Rhea Sharma
Jun 25, 2020   •  28 views

The joy of becoming a mother is priceless for every woman. The absence of menstruation (period) can be an auspicious sign of the arrival of this happiness.

If menstruation does not come on time, then the first question that arises in the mind of any woman is whether she is pregnant or not.

However, it is only after the pregnancy test that it can be said with confidence that a woman is pregnant or not. During pregnancy, the presence and level of human chorionic gonadotropin in a woman's urine and hormones is detected. Actually, the presence or absence of 'HCG hormone' in a woman's body determines whether she is going to become a mother or not. I am here to tell you about safe and easy methods of pregnancy tests.


When to do a pregnancy test?

The time between 1 to 2 weeks is the best time for menstrual periods to check for pregnancy. After mating, when the sperm combines with the egg, the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus. After this, the HCG hormone starts to form in the woman's body. This hormone can be found in a woman's urine about 7 to 14 days after fertilization. So after the time of menstruation, if menstruation does not come for a week, then pregnancy should be checked.

How to do a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy test can be done in three ways:

  1. You can check pregnancy at home through the Pregnancy Test Kit available in the market.

  2. You can also do home pregnancy tests through some things that are easily available at home.

  3. A medical professional can also be checked for pregnancy by going to the clinic.

Testing through home pregnancy test kit

The instructions given with the kit should be read thoroughly before using the pregnancy test kit. Remember that the instructions for pregnancy test kits of different brands also vary. For example, in a test, you have to urinate on the test strip, in one you have to put a few drops of urine sample on the grooves or circle around the test kit from the dropper.

Similarly, some digital test kits appear to have written pregnant (not pregnant) and not pregnant (not pregnant), while some test kits have pink or blue stripes. Therefore, before using the pregnancy test kit of any brand, please read the instructions given along with it.

The right way to use pregnancy test kit

To check for pregnancy with a pregnancy test kit, take your urine sample in a small container before the morning and drop a few drops from the dropper provided with the test kit, into the groove on the test strip. After that wait for 5 minutes. You will see one or two light or dark pink lines. To understand the meaning of these colored lines, read the instructions given with the test kit carefully. Based on these instructions, you can find out the result of the test and know whether you are pregnant or not.

Morning time is best for pregnancy tests rather than evening. In fact, the level of 'HCG hormone', which indicates pregnancy in the morning, is very high in the body.

Time taken to get the result

Examination with a pregnancy test kit gives results in 1 to 3 minutes or at most 5. As a precaution, one should carefully read and follow the instructions given with the test kit.

If you read and follow the instructions given with the pregnancy test kit carefully, the results of the test are quite accurate. Some pregnancy test kits are more sensitive and easier to use. But whatever the kit is, you must follow the precautions given above to get the right result. If your menstruation is not regular, then pregnancy tests should be done according to the time of the last most frequent interval. If you have stopped using birth control pills a while back and the results of your test are negative, then repeat the pregnancy test after 72 hours or 3 days.

Now come to the Early signs that indicate you should test for pregnancy

There are some early signs of pregnancy, which can act as an indicator in conducting the test, which are as follows.

  • If you notice spotting or mild bleeding, you may consider taking a pregnancy test. This usually occurs when the fetus implants itself in the uterus.

  • If you feel stomach cramps.

  • If you feel sensitivity in the breast and you feel discomfort in your breasts while wearing a bra.

  • If you feel tired all the time.

  • If the smell of food and other thingsaround makes you uncomfortable.

  • If you feel like eating something that you did not like before or you do not like your favorite food.

  • If you have pain with some discharge from your vagina.

  • If you feel constipated most often.

  • These signs appear in the first seven to ten days of Andotsarga. If you see one or more of these symptoms, get tested

All pregnancies are different and so are the circumstances. This article will help you to check your pregnancy status and condition. Wishing you a happy and safe pregnancy!