It is generally seen men considers themselves to be superior to women and try to rule over women by forcing them to take decision that suits our interest.Men considers them to be ahead of women and so they show in their actions the intention to rule.Men influence women by forcing them to take a particular decision which might not be according to the will of women.By doing this they curb the desires of women and debar them from using their rights.

The first decision that seems important in a woman’s life is that of career.In many villages in India girls are not provided education as they are considered to help their mothers in household chores.even if at few places girls are provided education then their career decisions are overpowered by men.The girls are not allowed to choose stream of their will and are forced not to take those occupations which are only meant for men to choose.

The second most decision influencing a woman’s life is the decision of choosing her life partner.It is sometimes seen that a man is allowed to make his love as his life partner but a woman is not allowed and supported in her choice.In India in order to prevent conflict the girl is forced to do child marriage>Though this is now illegal.A woman should not be forced to marry a man who is only good in the view of her father or any other relative of hers and does not actually love her.She should be given equal rights in this matter.

The third important decision in a life of a woman is the decision to continue job after marriage.Women are not given financial security and are said that if his man is earning What is the need of her to earn?All her important decisions are generally taken by men.

So all I want to convey is a message to all women out there that they should take a stand in their life and should be courageous enough to say NO whenever they feel like.All important decisions of a woman should not be taken by a man.No means NO was an initiative started to support all those women whose rights were snatched.I hope the message is well conveyed.