There are times when it's just so hard to cram in all the information in your mind which just doesn't make any sense and all you wanna do is shut the book and sleep away but the fear of exams doesn't let you do so. Here are some tips so that you can memorize stuff easily and retain it longer:

1. Draw pictures of the topic/thing that you have to remember

Break up whatever word you need to remember and try to associate each part with something that you see in daily life and will remember the topic whenever you see that thing, draw that something.

2. Make each page memorable

You can use colors, make mind maps and charts, make doodles, even if they are not directly related to the subject you’re studying. Make each page different and eye catching. That will stimulate your visual memory and you’ll be more likely to remember things.

3. Test fonts

Test which fonts make you learn better. For some, it's Times New Roman, for some it could Comic Sans or Monotype Cursive. Choose the font and size which stands out to you and print it to test it out.

4. When you have to learn a process, visualize it

Picture a process in your mind, try to visualize the words and you would understand it a lot better than just repeating the steps in words. If you can’t picture something, something microscopic and things like 4-dimensional or even such as structures, look them up on Google.

5. Sticky notes

When I couldn't learn the formulae of compounds in Chemistry, I covered my room with sticky notes. Every time I looked around, I had to look at them and learn or revise them. This method helped me so much that I still remember the compounds after so many years.

6. Highlighter and annotations symbiosis

Highlighters are always a good idea when you want to mark the important ideas. When you are reading a book, highlight the lines or part that contain important information or something that you tend to forget.

7. Get the whole picture

Every time you come across a piece of information that relates back to something you’ve already learnt, recall that whole other topic. It’s a great way to review.

8. Rewrite your notes, don’t recopy them

I know, I know, you must have arranged your notes beautifully every day after reaching home but if you want to retain the information written in them, don't just read it. Write them down. Again and again. In the beginning you can refer to the old notes but build the habit to write it all down from memory so that when the exam hits, who have all the information ready in your head.