With the competitive environment surrounding us, the only thought that plagues a student's mind is how to get on the top. Students put hours and hours of efforts just to achieve that perfect score but the goal should not be the maximum hours you can put but to study most effectively in a numbered hours. How to do that? Read onwards.

1. Make a schedule

This should be according to the requirements of your course and difficulty of the subjects. Remember to separate a chunk of time for sleep and extra curricular activities.

A weekly schedule should include the hours you put in classes as well as how much attention that subject needs.

2. Set up a study space

A study space that makes you feel comfortable and let's you concentrate. It shouldn't be too comfortable, such as your bed. Some white noise can also be fine but be sure to put down any distracting sounds such as loud music or TV.

3. Choose a snack

Don't break your chain of concentration by getting up again and again for water and a light snack. Keep a bottle on your study table and a healthy, no hustle snack with you while studying.

4. Select a study technique

Use a smart study technique according to your learning aptitude. It could be visual, like mind maps and flow charts, or falsh cards which condense information in a small piece of paper. You could try using SQ3R ( Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review) in order to learn a concept by heart.

5. Take breaks

If you've been studying for an hour or two, your brain starts to process information a lot slower. Give yourself a break, get up and do some light exercise, watch TV, talk to your family or friends and freshen yourself up.

You could try 50-10 method. Study for 50 minutes and take a break for 10.

6. Make a study group

A study group with friends or classmates can be of great help when you're stuck on a problem and have racked your mind to pieces. Also, it makes studying interesting and doesn't let you get bored. Just be sure that you don't waste your time talking with them meaninglessly and actually study.