How To Study Like Hermione Granger

Pallavi Narang
May 30, 2019   •  212 views

Harry Potter were the books and movies we grew up with. It gave us our best friends in the form of the characters we love with all our hearts, our inside jokes and quotes which we can base our lives on. After all these years, we have picked a lot from the books. Here are some qualities of the brightest witch of her age which are worth picking up to study better:

1.Set your priorities

For Hermione, Hogwarts and her classes were her utmost priority and she knew that which subjects she wanted to give her time to (it was not Devination). You should also know and decide what is most importnat to you, which subjects require more attention and never be afraid to drop an optional subject if you find it's not your cup of tea.

2.Make proper notes

You cannot depend on someone else for your notes, especially if exams are looming over. Hermione had a pile of notes along with study guides prepared well before exams so that during that stressful time, she has everything at one place. Everyone has their own style to make notes and one should try to find it and make their own notes in class and then arrange them properly at home. This way, you absorb the information learnt properly.

3.Participate in class

Don't be the shy one sitting in the corner who just floats around in classes. Hermione was an avid participant in class, even when the teachers didn't like it. By actively participating, you force your mind to be fully present in class and absorb as much information as it can.

4.Carry a book with you everywhere

Squeeze in time to do your readings or revision whenever you get the chance. Waiting in a line? Get that book out and read. Waiting for bus, a friend, in public transport, whenever you get a little time, take your book out and read!


Hermione didn't only have a plan for studying for herself, but also for her friends. She had so much love for planning. Plan your study sessions, your to-do lists, your revision sessions, tests and exams well before the storm hits.


Help people in their studies and homework whenever you find the time. Not only will it make you feel good but also will help you brush up your concepts. But remember, only do this when you have time, if not, then learn to say no.

7.Take pride in your work

Ignore people who get jealous of you or make fun of you for studying all the time. Never react to them calling you teacher's pet or anything. You are working hard and you deserve the perks you get because of that. Absorb as much knowledge as you can and be proud of your treasure.